Here’s Why People Should Stop Trying To Convince Me To Become A Feminist

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I write articles when I am in a bad mood or in an extremely good mood or when I have no idea what the hell is going on.

But whenever I do, I manage to piss off a number of ladies who end up terming me a bitch. Because I am NOT a feminist.



I had written an article once where I grilled a woman for bashing men because they simply tried to help her in carrying her luggage at the airport.

She called them various names and I retorted back that maybe its her mentality. Our men have been trained to help ladies. Doesn’t mean they are trying to flirt with you. A number of ladies agreed with me and their were others emailing me, tweeting me, and commenting right there and trying to rip me into pieces by statements that just bring out their insecurities or whatever. Apparently, i was told that you are trying to impress men here. The other said, no she is finding a rishta for herself. One emailed me and cursed and abused my future generations because how dare me side with a Paki guy because he was not nice to her and never got married to her even if she was *American*.

That’s the way it is. I have never seen girls talking in favor of another girl. Its the superiority complex or their nature, I don’t know but why do ladies have to bring each other down?



I am a lady and most of my friends are guys. Because I don’t like a KHATOON approaching me , going all *mwah mwah, hi darling how are youuuuu?? I missed you so much, let’s meet up*

And the minute you say your goodbyes, she says *eeww such a bitch!!*

For guys, once they really become your good friends (and come on if I am sharing a table with 5 guys in a cafe, that doesn’t mean I am having an affair with any of them), they are protective about you. And no I am not looking for a rishta here. I am a chef (yep, the same one who cant manage her business, my food doesn’t look *that appealing* because the person who passed that judgement clearly hasn’t boiled an egg).

Pickup lines used for me are *you know a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach* and I really want to say *can I take a u turn?*. Clearly, if I wanted a man, I have the magic wand, I don’t *need* to go out of my way. Rather than bringing the other down and trying to make yourself look the better one.



Cant we all be like dudes? They still be best of friends even after being mean to each other. And when they be mean, its very brutal.



A lesson we must learn. One thing that inspires me is how they will go anywhere and shake hands with even random men and ta-daaaa now they are jigarzzzzzz.



Meanwhile in our world, its more like , *eeww why would I say hi to her??? I don’t know her and is that a fake Gucci bag??*



And even if you are carrying an original Louis Vuitton bag, you wont be treated like a royalty. The comments for that are far more hilarious. From, *yeah, must have slept with a rich dude, got that present werna iski auqaat nae hai* to *haraam ka paisa hai* to *kya dikhana chah rae hai?* to *ghareebon ko paisay de deti*

If there is a woman behind every successful man, there is woman behind every destroyed woman

And I won’t be surprised, if feminist attack is coming my way in three…. two….. one *dichkiyaaaaoooon*




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