DI Khan Hunters Set Dogs Onto Hyena With Intention To Use It As Bait Dog

Hyena capture

The best creation of Allah Almighty is human beings. Allah has exalted the status of humans above all his creation. However, some of them act worse than an animal. Ignoring their human instincts, such humans reach the level of such mercilessness which is beyond understanding.

A group of people in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) captured an endangered hyena so that dogs could bait on it.

A viral post on Twitter depicts the barbaric act of the hunters. Reportedly, they were capturing the hyena just to bait dogs. Besides, they also captured it by releasing the dogs on it who attacked and injured it. Hyena is one of the rare species in Pakistan. As per details, the hunters belonged to tehsil Drazanda near Dera Ismail Khan. Meanwhile, the good news is the hyena has been rescued.

In April this year, a hunter had ruthlessly killed hundreds of sparrows as a lockdown hobby.

Rescue efforts

The Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa (KPK) officials acted promptly after the news about hyena’s capture was public and arranged a rescue operation.

Just like other certain departments of government, the wildlife department also seems lackadaisical in its approach. If it was active, that incident would not have happened. Wildlife animals are the utmost gift of nature. However, the government has failed to develop any pragmatic mechanism to tackle the capture and killing of such animals.

Although there are certain efforts via the wildlife protection department, they are still not enough. Unfortunately, people in Tribal or remote areas of the country are unaware of the fact that Islam discourages killing animals uselessly. In the name of hunting, and that too without paying taxes to the government, certain people feel a sense of achievement.

Nevertheless, the real achievement is in protecting them rather than killing or capturing the rare species. Soon after the industrial revolution, the environment is bearing the brunt of human progress; ironically, in the name of progress. Global warming is the outcome of anthropological activities. Certainly, humans did not stop there, they are eradicating every blessing of nature in the of modernization.

Now, as the jungles are being replaced by urban lands, humans are also killing the wildlife animals, In short, humans are doing every effort to defeat natural environment, without realizing it is causing harm to their selves.

Earlier, a hunter in Muzaffarabad killed a rare female leopard.

Hopefully, the government will take required action against these barbaric human beings.

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