This Shop in Hyderabad is Using Dog Meat In Their Biryani

dog meat biryani hyderabad

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We’ve heard and read various articles about how different eateries in Lahore, Multan, Faisalabad and Karachi are selling dishes using snake and donkey meat but rarely, we hear about any food business/shop using dog meat in their food. Clearly India isn’t that far behind either!

Yes, you’ve heard that right. According to a post published by India Times, a shop in Hyderabad, India is using dog meat in their ‘famous’ Biryani. To go down into further details, a local food shop based in Hyderabad called Shah Ghouse Hotel is serving their loyal customers with Biryani prepared with chunks of dog meats in it.


The photos went viral on social media showing the shop workers skinning a dog and preparing meat in the vicinity of the shop that’s located in Hyderabad, India.



As per the latest update, the owner and management of Shah Ghouse Hotel have been arrested for using dog meat and more details shall be revealed after the security officials carry out their investigations in this regard.

However, this incident is a clear proof as to how low and shallow people can go in order to maximize their profits.

source: India Times

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