Wife Attacks Husband With Violent Slaps & Punches For Just Rs30,000 – Man Now Seeks Action Against Her

Husband In Pano Aqil Seeks Justice After Being Tortured By Wife

In the city of Panu Aqil in Sindh, a husband after his wife attacks him reached outside the local press club to seek justice when he got tortured by his wife just for Rs 30000. Nazar Mohammad Shehri protested outside Panu Aqil Press Club and demanded justice from higher authorities. The victim husband said that he had given Rs 30000 to his wife to keep it secure, when he demanded the money back, his wife backed down and tortures and attacks him.

Source: Daily Pakistan

The victim said his wife slapped and punched. Moreover, she even tore his clothes. Shehri has demanded justice and seeks action against her.

Wife publicly tortures husband for polygamy

A similar incident of a wife publicly beating husband occurred this year in July in Okara. Reportedly, a man in Okara got red-handedly caught remarrying by his fourth wife. According to the details, the husband had tied knots with a 13-year-old girl, without the consent of his wife.

Clearly, it is absolutely disturbing to point out what’s more unacceptable; marrying an underage girl or remarrying without the permission of the current wife? The fourth wife, identified as Humaira, caught her husband contracting his fifth marriage. A video has surfaced on the Internet, where Humaira can be seen publicly humiliating her husband. In addition to this, the wife is also reported to have beaten him up. She can be seen complaining about how this man had made her life a living hell. And also how he has the audacity to remarry without even consenting her.

Domestic abuse against men is real and is also present in Pakistan

In Pakistan, there are no organizations or support groups present to help the male victims of domestic abuse. just like women and children, men are also victims of domestic abuse and something that most people are completely unaware of. However, very few cases of domestic abuse against men are actually reported.  For instance, On 20th July 2016, a woman threw acid on a man for refusing marriage proposal in Multan.

In Pakistan, while women are encouraged to voice against the abuse, men have not been able to voice their issues, the major issue being them labeled ‘weak’ or ‘non-masculine’ by people and being laughed off. We should try to avoid any kind of gender discrimination, the voices of men must also be listened to instead of them being laughed off, men should be given equal right to fight against the abuse.


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