A Pakistani Husband Did the Most Evil/Cute Thing for His Wife on Her Birthday and We Love It

If you’re a wife or husband and reading this, you might wanna think twice about surprising your partner on their next birthday…

We came across a story on Facebook that is going insanely viral. Normally, you would come across couples going a step ahead in pleasing each other in their own ways. Now, if you know your partner well, you would apparently also know their likes, dislikes and exactly the kind of things that give them a cloud nine feeling and turn their world upside down. Yes, it’s true and one husband sets a good, good example here.

This Pakistani husband did something pretty incredible and is now winning the internet!

Gone are the days when you presented your darling wife with a birthday cake; this husband has totally changed the game of how you greet your wifey. Take note, lads!

Source: SWOT | Facebook

This is what he had to sayyy

So it was my wife’s birthday and as we both are not into cakes so I decided something different and contacted one of our favourite food joints. As we love their most famous Swiss mushroom melt so I requested if they can offer us something like a burger cake, to my surprise they agreed and on my special request we had this MONSTER size burger which was good enough for 8 people. No compromise on taste as it was yummylicious.
The story has definitely made our day. We all have people around us who do not like sweet foods or cakes. So it goes without question why they would not want a cake on their birthday. The husband here sets a perfect example of how you should deal with it! Way to go, mate.
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