This Luxury Resort In Hunza Is Giving Major ‘Honeymoon’ Feels And There’s No Need To Go Abroad Now!

Pakistan is blessed with beautiful breathtaking landscapes that will surely make anyone want to switch their travel plans abroad to these local destinations. This country has much to offer with its glorious northern areas comprising of snow-capped mountains, lush greenery, and abundant rivers that create a heavenly scenery to look at and experience.

Recently, several foreign YouTubers visited Pakistan and were simply taken aback by the gorgeous views of different regions. There is so much to explore within the country that Pakistanis do not need to go abroad for a picturesque honeymoon or destination wedding; you can easily create those memories here.

One of the most spectacular places to visit in Pakistan is Hunza. This valley is situated in Gilgit-Baltistan region of Pakistan. There isn’t much explaining needed, simply pictures are enough to show you the heaven that resides within Pakistan and this amazing new five-star luxury resort in Hunza at Attabad Lake is grabbing all the attention. Everything’s sorted – The destination and place of stay, both equally stunning.

Source: Twitter/Attabad Lake

These Pictures Of Luxus Hunza Lake Resort That Opened Just Last Month (June) Is The Place To Visit! Update That Vacation Checklist.

Instagram worthy furnishing and decor with a view you’d wish to wake up to every day!

Hey, honeymooners, the perfect place to get away with your partner, right? As for singles, it’s okay, you too can go experience this with your buddies.

How can you not have a chai picture at a place like this? A must-have for every Pakistani.

I honestly cannot stop sharing pictures of this spectacular place. Believe it or not, it’s just not the place to go with your friends, let’s face it.

Source: Facebook/Whenwherehows

Who else has planned an entire getaway with their partner in their minds by now? And who is brooding on being single? It’s okay- apna time ayega! It’s refreshing to see one of a kind resorts opening in the right places that will renew the sense of classy tourism in Pakistan.


Everyone dreams of a vacation far away from the city life and in a place that brings them closer to nature instilling calmness and serenity that was missing. This beautiful landscape of Attabad Lake sure makes a perfect fit. Waking up to a soothing view surrounded by mountains sounds dreamy.

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