Armed Hungry Robber Demands Chicken Nuggets At McDonald’s – Settles For Breakfast Instead

mcdonalds robbery

A hungry and armed robber barged into a McDonald’s and demanded chicken nuggets – but fled with a sausage McMuffin as it was only serving the breakfast menu. The incident took place in Gloucestershire county of England.

Rudi Batten, 22, threatened staff at the Yate branch on 8 February demanding cash and chicken nuggets. He was told they were only serving breakfast so chose a double-sausage McMuffin. The night before, he allegedly raided the nearby Miss Millie’s restaurant, taking several hundred pounds and fried chicken.

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Batten has been jailed for robbing and making off with not only some cash but also food. Unfortunately for him, not only did he get caught, but he also was not even able to get the meal he was hoping for at the time of the robbery. He plead guilty to robbing a McDonald’s in February, Southwest News Service (SWNS) reports.

As per the news outlet, Batten claimed to have a gun. Moreover, he demanded money from the register and forced a manager to give him access to the store’s safe. On his way out, he reportedly demanded some of the fast-food franchise’s famous chicken nuggets. However, it was still too early in the day and the restaurant was only serving items from its breakfast menu.

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Apparently, he was unwilling to wait for some nuggets to be cooked, so he made off with a double sausage McMuffin instead. As it appears, McDonald’s really is strict about what time lunch starts!

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Batten allegedly stole more than $600 from the restaurant. Later that day, CCTV cameras identified him and he turned himself in to the authorities. It turned out that he had been threatening his victims with an unloaded air pistol rather than an actual gun.

Here is the CCTV footage

Recently, the judge sentenced him to six years in prison. Batten is said to have robbed the restaurant in order to get money to pay back a debt. According to his lawyer, he was ashamed and embarrassed about his actions.

In a similarly unusual incident two years back in Pakistan’s Capital, some guys in an expensive Land Cruiser ordered food of around 25,000 rupees from Salt ‘N Pepper restaurant and as the rider reached their address, they pushed him, snatched the food, and ran off without clearing the payment.

It may be recalled that last year a video went viral on social media depicting how robbers first tried to rob a food delivery boy but later on assuaged him as he began to cry. The odd event nonetheless proved that some bad guys may still have a tinge amount of goodness in them.

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