A 9th Grader, Humza From Sahiwal Scored 41 Marks Only In Board Exams And His Friends Threw A Party!

Great friends are a blessing and the one that gets the opportunity to create these meaningful bonds that are pure, are lucky. These irreplaceable people become an integral part of your life that are there to raise you, support you and cheer for you. Good friends have nothing but your best interest at heart; so when you do mess up, they also make sure to give you an earful and set you straight so that you don’t make the same mistakes.

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However, in this story of Humza, a 9th grader from Sahiwal whose friends set the bar of  ‘supporting your friend no matter what’ a little too high, will leave you laughing and wishing you had such group of dost.

Muhammad Humza scored the lowest marks in Matric Exams But His Friends Celebrated!

Humza scored a total of 41 marks only making his performance extremely poor. Where such low scores cause one embarrassment among their friends, these boys didn’t allow Humza feel any less; in fact the contrary.

Look at the proud expression on his face. LOL!

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His friends threw a party and showered Humza with massive trophy and gifts. Where do you find such friends these days? This seems to be a classic case of last benchers that only know how to have fun. We wouldn’t be surprised to find out that Humza and his squad were a part of the famous Last Bench Association, awarding their member for keeping the integrity of their ‘karnamay’ alive!

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But what will Humza’s parents do to him over such extraordinary result is a whole different story but not so different than the rest of ours; lots of ‘chittars’ and ‘kut’ coming his way, for sure. Or maybe a flying chappal if he is on a run, for his life that is.

However, this definitely refreshed some great memories of school life including the daily shenanigans and perks of being a last bencher; sleeping through the whole lecture or playing around with your friend when the teacher isn’t looking. Humza is truly a lucky lad to have such a staunch support system that’ll hopefully last him his entire life.

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