Humsafar, Fifty Shades of Grey and Cinderella Have Same Story-line! [Proof]

Humsafar, Fifty Shades of Grey and Cinderella Have Same Story-line! [Proof]

Yes, they are different versions of same stories . One is for kids , other is for families and third one is adult version .

1-Khirad , Cinderella , And Anna Came From Same Clay

They are innocent,  “Roti ko chochi kehti hain” … and they speak in an infant language ”GA GGA GOO GOO”, they are poor and weak female characters (14)

2-Fawad , Christian and Prince Charming are one person

 All three are rich handsome bachelor with charming personality a some staunch character flaws.



The most magnificent feature of these love stories is, they are more about travel , a travel from lower class to super elite class.



Imagine , one day you wake up and realize you have become a billionaire , its same story ,all money is accompanied with a hunk .


5-Witches, Step Moms, Mother in laws


 6-Happily Ever After



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