DC To Sign Humayun Saeed As The Next Batman, Suggest Rumours!

Humayun Saeed

Apparently, the impact fictional superheroes of the white heritage have over the world is uncanny. In this digital era, when the cinema has taken over a massive portion of the entertainment sector, who would have thought that the world will get a brown superhero? Well, Pakistan’s young-at-heart Humayun Saeed recently caught DC Comics attention and the contract signing for the next Batman is underway.

Humayun Saeed to play Batman in DC Comics’ next movie!

Since the ongoing Pakistani drama “Meray Paas Tum Ho” is gathering global praise, Hollywood also couldn’t resist. While Pakistanis are ready to provide justice to ‘Danish’, the character played by Humayun Saeed in the serial, DC is all set to give the actor much more. In recent news, Hollywood’s Detective Comics (DC) franchise is in talks with Humayun Saeed to make him the first brown Batman.

Humayun Saeed

Pakistan Today

Since the inception of the character, many English actors have played Batman until now, but, times are finally changing. As the list of actors who played Batman is way too extensive, however, having a brown Batman in the DC clan won’t hurt anyone. Instead, it would definitely be a proud addition to Pakistan’s entertainment industry.

Christopher Nolan is a fan of “Meray Paas Tum Ho”!

According to international media reports, famous Hollywood filmmaker Christopher Nolan recently turned out to be a fan of Pakistani content. As the ongoing serial “Meray Paas Tum Ho” has created history, the British American filmmaker started watching the English version of it. Getting impressed by Humayun Saeed’s acting capabilities, Nolan took the decision.

Humayun Saeed

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Later, while attending a film event, Christopher Nolan was asked by the media about the ‘unexpected’ decision. Responsively, the director hinted, “It was phenomenal. The performance, the acting. I think it’s about time the world gets its brown superhero”. Eventually, the rumors seem to be turning into reality as Pakistanis wait for the official announcement.

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Ben Affleck turning down the role of Batman!

Since the Punjab Nahin Jaungi star has already made his debut in Bollywood, this would be a much higher step. As per media reports, Christopher Nolan was already hunting for the next Batman for his next franchise film. Some time back, news came in that previous Batman, Ben Affleck has turned down to play the role for another movie and the audience was shocked.

Humayun Saeed


Losing Ben Affleck, Christopher Nolan decided to change the origin of the character for his next project. However, now, the director seems positive to present a desi Batman to the world and breaking the trend. Well, as per gathered information, the meeting is expected to be held at Humayun Saeed’s production house in Karachi next year.

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*This is a work of Satire. None of the above-mentioned scenarios are based on reality.*

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