Humayun Saeed To Join Money Heist Season 4 As ‘Islamabad’!

Humayun Saeed To Join Money Heist Season 4 As ‘Islamabad’!

Humayun Saeed Money Heist

Everybody is familiar with the hit Netflix series ”La Casa De Papel’‘ widely known as ”Money Heist” and its backstory. While the world is eagerly waiting for the TV series’ fourth season to come out, Pakistanis are in for something more. As per the revealed details, Pakistani actor Humayun Saeed is about to join the ”Money Heist” clan in its upcoming season.

Humayun Saeed to appear in ”Money Heist” season 4, sources reveal!

Seeing a brown Pakistani actor in a Spanish Netflix series would sure be a delight to watch for the Asian fans. Previously, rumors even suggested that Detective Comics (DC) will be signing Humayun Saeed as its next Batman and there’s still hope. Recently, Humayun Saeed got in touch with ”Money Heist” producer Alex Pina to join Professor in Season 4 as ‘Islamabad’.

Humayun Saeed Money Heist

Something Haute

If you have watched the third season of the Netflix series, you’ll know what all this is about but if you don’t, no worries. Apparently, in ”Money Heist” season 3, viewers saw Professor’s team getting help from Pakistani hackers in Islamabad. The 65 members team based in the capital helped the Professor in extracting the data needed to fight his battle.

Alex Pina contacting Humayun Saeed for the ‘Islamabad’ role!

Connecting the dots, Spanish director Alex Pina is all set to introduce Pakistan’s Humayun Saeed for the next show. Sources reveal that Humayun Saeed will be facilitating and running Professor’s operation from Pakistan as ‘Islamabad’. Apparently, the Pakistani actor will be the commanding officer of the 65 members team shown in the third season.

Humayun Saeed Money Heist

New On Netflix: NEWS

Certainly, that was a massive hint for a Pakistani appearance in the show but unfortunately, nobody guessed it. Enjoying the success of ”Meray Paas Tum Ho”, Humayun Saeed hasn’t spoken on the big news but he will, eventually. However, ”Money Heist” creator Alex Pina has called the introduction a necessity for the series after everyone’s favorite Berlin left.

Alex Pina was quoted saying: “I am shocked as to how good Humayun was in Mere Paas Tum Ho! No wonder the show got so viral… I had to have him on as Islamabad!” (wow please don’t believe this, at least??)

”It’s high time we connect the leftover dots!”

Sharing the news in an interview, Alex Pina said that its high time we feature a non-Spanish character. Speaking with an international magazine, the creator stated, ”I’m sure it will spread chaos but it’s high time we connect the leftover dots. Since the war has now begun, the Professor clan will need skilled help in defeating the opponents and that’s how it should be”.

Humayun Saeed Money Heist


Well, whatever the fourth season is bringing us, it will definitely be an unexpected surprise for many ”Money Heist” fans. Finally, ”Money Heist” season 4 is coming to Netflix sooner than you expected and with a brown character. The official release date of the fourth season is 3rd April 2020 and it will definitely be an intense one.

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*This is a work of Satire. None of the above-mentioned scenarios are based on reality.*

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