Humanity Dies As A Kid Beggar Is Pictured Sleeping Outside A Luxury Pan Shop In Karachi

When it comes to emotions for those who are less than us, our society has become as hard as stone. We have become so comfortable with what we have and care just about ourselves, we have forgotten one of the core values taught by Islam, Haqooq-ul-Ibaad.

We have forgotten what it is like to help others, to be with others and to support others. The core ethical values that were taught by our Prophet PBUH and now forgotten by his Ummah.

A while ago, a number of images around social media flooded where maids where mistreated in family restaurants. Why? Because we actually “buy” them for the services they provide us, giving us the liberty of treating them whatever way we like.

Yesterday we saw a new face of the society – a young beggar was pictured sleeping outside a famous pan shop.

People were going in and coming out – but given how our society is, no body would’ve helped this little girl, neither would’ve given her some food or shelter.

Regardless of how “professional” these beggars may be, they are still children drenched in poverty. We have forgotten that the Supreme power above us will regard every good deed we make. What we remember is how we need to judge someone’s story without knowing the truth.

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