4 Futuristic Functions of the Humane AI Pin as a Substitute For Smartphones

Humane Ai Pin as a Substitute For Smartphones

The first look at Humane AI Pin’s screenless AI wearable that aims to replace smartphones was revealed on Thursday. Although Ai Pin is loaded with impressive capabilities, it makes a compelling case for going screenless.  

Take a look at what Ai Pin has to offer to compete with smartphones.

1: The Humane Ai Pin Projects onto your Hand in Place of a Screen

Humane  Ai Pin Projects onto your Hand in Place of a Screen
Source: zdnet

According to Humane, Ai Pin is an anti-smartphone, where users can interact with the world around them instead of staring at screens. Visuals are sometimes necessary, however. In order to compensate for this, Ai Pin features a “laser ink display” you can project onto your palm.

You can pause or play music by tapping your index finger and thumb together, similar to the double tap feature on an Apple Watch. Your hand can also be tilted forward, back, or down, all of which have specific actions associated with them.

2. Ai Pin Hopes to increase the use of Voice Commands

Ai Pin communicates primarily through audio since there is no screen. Humane uses OpenAI’s model to perform search and task handling through voice command, or what it calls Ai Mic.

This is already available in ChatGPT, so using that as your primary method of communication with the device is equivalent. However, Ai Pin allows you to link all of your accounts and apps to the device, so you can utilize Ai Mic to dictate messages to contacts or look up a reservation code in your email.

3. Real-time Language Translation and Food Nutrition Facts

In the promotional film, a woman looks up the sugar content of a dragon fruit using Ai Pin’s computer vision to determine if it fits her dietary requirements.

Additionally, it is said that the Ai Pin can determine the protein content of a handful of nuts by looking at them in your palm, albeit this may not always be true. Humane claims it will eventually grow to new purposes, but for now, it is just using its feature as a nutrition tool.

4. The Ai Pin Considers Discretion and Privacy

Given that Ai Pin lacks a wake word, it is not passively listening to your chats as other voice assistants such as Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant do. Only when manually activated by the device owner does it turn on. Ai Pin features a “prominent Trust Light” that illuminates while the device is in use to answer concerns about spying.

The gadget employs a “personal speaker” to produce a “bubble of sound” in order to ensure that interactions between you and Ai Pin remain secret.

The starting price for an AI Pin and its attachments is $699, plus $24 per month for a T-Mobile data plan. On November 16, Humane will begin accepting orders for Ai Pin, which will begin shipping in the first quarter of 2024.

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