Human Resource Development (HRD) and Employment Generation In A Developing Country Like Pakistan

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The availability of productive and fruitful employment opportunities for capable and hardworking individuals is significantly linked with the sustainability of economic development. There is a need to analyze the social and economic growth plans as well as policies for productive employment generation.

Potential employment opportunities can be raised with the help of high growth rates accompanied by a sustained rise in productivity. There is a need to effectively tap an employment potential need with high growth sector. Although constant growth with increasing productivity is the first step, the whole process needs to be connected with good governance and development in the employment growth intensity.

Choice of technology used in production, trade terms and conditions and composition of output at sector level are very critical in this scenario. The access of every individual to education, financial support, and overall infrastructure are imperative components to be understood. On the other hand to enhance the ability of poor can’t be ignored while integrating the growth cycle.

The rise in productive capacity determines the rate of economic growth. Productive and greater employment is the key to release the employers’ resources towards training and education of employees in one way and in other way employees become able to provide quality education to their children. Thus the predetermined conclusion drawn is significantly increased the productivity of employees.


Source: City of Goodyear

Technical and vocational abilities of workers must also be acknowledged and given importance as it is one of the major sources of raising productivity and employability. Competent technical and vocational employees determine the course of industrialization, technology up-gradation and use of it. Human resource development (HRD) helps to provide assistance in the growth of individuals through health care, education and training, inflation control and employment. Now a day’s training is considered to be a more vital element in all organizations.

When we talk about Pakistan we, unfortunately, encounter a poor situation of training and education. Inequalities at different levels, an inadequate rate of literacy and dropouts are commonly seen. When we compare it with many other developing with the same per capita income we find that allocation of resources in education and training sectors is not up to the mark. This issue needs to be addressed to have a prosperous and stable country. There is a need to take affirmative action to enhance the employment level as it is linked with the productivity.

Gaps in requirements of the skilled and trained persons should be identified in the country. Private sector along with public sector should come forward to bridge up this gap by significantly providing the education and training system. Thus there is a need to bridge up this gap from grass root level which starts at primary education and leads to retention of students at secondary level. Students should be guided practically and technically.

In addition, in the service sector, there is need of technological human resource power and skills enhancement along with advancement in MIS (management information system).Active involvement of workers in different activities should be encouraged by the management. Employer role in the provision of education and training of employees is more critical and worthy. All these things need to be accomplished in a comprehensive and productive manner.


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