Humaima Malick Backs Aamir Liaquat’s First Wife Bushra Iqbal

Humaima Malick Backs Bushra Iqbal

Pakistani actress Humaima Malick posted an interview with Bushra Iqbal, the first wife of late Aamir Liaquat Hussain, on her Instagram Stories, piqueing fans’ interest. Bushra voiced her discontent and sadness over her husband’s death in the interview and called for justice.

Humaima Malick Backs Bushra Iqbal

Humaima Malick Backs Bushra Iqbal

Humaima’s Instagram Story included footage of the podcast with the television personality’s first wife honestly discussing her late spouse on a local portal. “Aamir,” Humaima Malick captioned the touching post with a love emoji. “Truly, the woman card is too easy; man is human,” she said.

Humaima followed her Instagram Story with another strange post that looked unconnected, leaving fans confused. Later, she said on Instagram, “Ask God for forgiveness and His heart. May I acquire love and he return. Need prayers. Always.”

This cryptic remark has left fans and followers of the actress anxious for further information. The Bushra clip is part of a lengthier audio interview. Bushra commented on the released footage and the celebrity’s death, “Honour is not specific to women. A guy has honor. If this occurred to a woman, the nation would have burned stuff. But a woman did it. Equal treatment of men and women. God has not varied Quranic punishment.”

“People didn’t speak up,” she remarked. I was hurt. Everyone had fun. YouTubers, members, all…Consider, ‘What if this occurred to me?’ Best people murder themselves. Who kills themselves? Those without shame or honor. He was honored by the leaks of many videos. Many videos show him weeping. Some say we didn’t talk. About facing his kids, he cries and says, “I have many audios that people haven’t heard, so I’m fighting the case.”

In June 2022, the Pakistani televangelist, a household figure, media celebrity, and politician, died, leaving a legacy of various media and political accomplishments.

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