Huff Post India’s Editor Tweets About Ali Zafar And We Totally Ship It!

Don’t you just love Ali Zafar? The man can sing, paint, write poetry and act. He is just the perfect package we talk about and not to forget, how he has represented Pakistan in the best possible manner.

Starting his career at a young age, as a musician, Ali Zafar has given us some of the finest songs in our playlists. Be it be his own records or performances in the Coke Studio, the maestro sure knows how to lure everyone in his magical voice.

On the other hand, acting in the Indian films has been great for Zafar as well – starring opposite great names in the Indian industry and giving impactful performances has been beneficial for not just Zafar, but for the name of Pakistan as well.

Safe to Say, Ali Zafar has Fans all Over the World and We Found Just Another One!

Despite the tensions between India and Pakistan, the entertainment industry has always welcomed the talents from Pakistan and vice versa. Political tensions, however, always have a negative impact on that and thus, creates a barrier.

There’s always a debate when an Indian expresses his or her liking for a Pakistani entertainer, but they still do it anyway because of how Love Wins Wars, right?

The Indian Huff Posts’ Editor Anurag Verma Just Expressed How he Loves Ali Zafar

The Indians Shared their Two-Cents on this

A Tough Decision, Tbh

Anurag is definitely not the first public figure in India to express his liking of a Pakistani entertainer in public and having said so, it is amazing to see how love prevails war (pun inserted).

As long as we continue sharing and appreciating the works of an artist keeping the political motives as well, things can at least be better in the different industry.

Waiting to see how Ali Zafar responds to this!


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