Syra Shehroze And Alishba Yousuf Steal The HSY Show With These Brutally Honest Remarks!

On a number of occasions, we have seen Pakistani entertainers put a nail to bed regarding the speculations that are raised during brutal interviews. Most of the times, these interviews are given a lot of attention because we rarely see our entertainers speak in full flow, putting an end to the dramatic and expected diplomatic answers.

Talking about diplomacy, there comes a time when entertainers answer their questions point-blank and while some may take it in a negative way, let’s not forget that they are humans who are entitled to be straight-forward and move aside from the prevailing hypocrisy, which they are bound to show in front of the cameras.

Just recently Syra Shehroze and Alishba Yousuf dared to answer HSY’s question with a level of honesty and boldness we had yet to see on national television. In all honesty, however, some of the answers were extremely accurate! Breaking the interview in different parts, here are some clips:

Without Any Hesitation, Syra Answered “Mawra” When Asked, “Whose Acting Boils Your Blood?”

Tonite With HSY Episode 3 Season 4_0008 by shoxee1


When Asked, “Which Actress Will Never Be Seen Dancing In The Rain Because If They Do, Their Makeup Will Be Ruined”, Alishba Answered, “Mehwish Hayat

Tonite With HSY Episode 3 Season 4_0006 by shoxee1

In a lighter mood, Alishba added “I like you” after her answer to ease things down. Keeping that aside, one has to love how fun and bold her answer was.

Syra Gave a Befitting Response On How People Commented On Her, Saying, “She’s A Pretty Face Who Doesn’t Know How To Act

Tonite With HSY Episode 3 Season 4_0002 by shoxee1

Just look at how calmly she answered this question.

In A Witty Manner, She Mentioned How Ahsan Khan Always Looks Fine And He Doesn’t Need Any Touch-Up!

What Will You Say If Emraan Hashmi Comes To… by aman57

Now, this is my favorite one:

Syra Gave Pakistani Heart-throb Fawad Khan 4/10 In Terms Of His Personality

Tonite With HSY Episode 3 Season 4_0011 by shoxee1

In her defense, she said “Since I have worked with him” meaning she knew exactly why he deserves a 4 on 10. On the other hand, she gave Hamza Ali Abbasi a 6 and Ali Zafar a 7.

And The Sisters Agreed On How Saba Qamar Needs To Learn How To Dance

Tonite With HSY Episode 3 Season 4_0009 by shoxee1

*Sings Qalabaaz Dil Hai in her heart*

When Asked, “Who Is Really Pretty, But Shouldn’t Act“, Alishba Answered “Meera and Mahnoor Baloch

Tonite With HSY Episode 3 Season 4_0009 by shoxee1

All in all, the show was extremely fun and the sisters were in a light, witty mood. Additionally, HSY also added spice to the questions and we couldn’t have enjoyed it more!


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