Hrithik Roshan Shows Support To Pakistani Student With Speech Disorder!

Hrithik Roshan tweet

Bollywood heartthrob Hrithik Roshan in his recent tweet has lent his support to a Pakistani student with speech disorder. He replied to a Pakistani student who shares how his cousin was humiliated infront of the whole class by the professor.

In a tweet written by Marium Zulfiqar, she writes about how the HOD of NUML University Islamabad humiliated her cousin for stuttering during a presentation. She further mentioned that her cousin hasn’t been able to come out of the room since that incident.

Hrithik Roshan Pakistan

source: BollywoodHungama

Replying to her tweet, Hrithik said that her cousin shouldn’t let anyone’s attitude stop him. Moreover, he said that he shouldn’t feel that stuttering will never allow him to achieve his dreams.

“Please tell your cousin that that professor and his judgement both are irrelevant. Stuttering should never hold him back from dreaming Big ! Tell him it’s NOT his fault and it’s NOT something he needs to be ashamed of. People who shame him are no better than brainless monkeys,” he wrote.

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The professor officially apologized to the student

According to Marium, his cousin’s confidence is shattered after the humiliation. Marium has also revealed that the professor told him to stop further studies ‘for his own good’.

Education institutions are considered as one of the most sacred institutions in Pakistan. Teachers are considered as an important pillar for building the confidence of students to face real-life hurdles. However, such incidence should be denounced by all and people like these should be punished for their actions.

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Moreover, after the incident went viral, people start showing their support to the student. The professor has now officially apologized to the student for his ill-behaviour.

“That lecturer has openly apologized to my cousin. He will obviously not take his lectures again but it’s my cousin’s choice to not take any severe action against the teacher. He says he doesn’t wanna bully him like he did,” Marium wrote in another tweet.

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