Salman Khan Shows Exactly How You May Deal With Hunger While Fasting

If you live in Pakistan and fasting in Ramadan, you are the real MVP! Honestly, it has been quite a challenge so far. The scorching heat of the sun is deplorable and getting through the day while fasting surely has been hard. Let’s face it; we all at some point are bothered by hunger and thirst while we are fasting. We try not to express our feelings and just steadfast in resorting to patience. It is completely normal for everyone to feel this way while being patient is your only choice.

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There are some people who cannot keep up with patience and wish time until Iftar could be killed some way. We try so hard to curb our feelings, by the Asr prayers the temptation is in culmination and our moods simply tell what we feel like. Yet, our great people tend to survive and spend their day proactively. But what about those who have a fast metabolism and find increasingly difficult to observe their fast? Somebody from Bollywood probably felt this way and you can decide whether you’d like to go about it that way.

Here’s Salman Khan portraying what some people may do when they can’t take it more

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There’s no way on earth you can just casually walk to your refrigerator, grab a fruit and start eating. You’ll be slain by your family members and it’s morally not the right thing to do. There’s no way out and you simply have to keep up with patience. You have a choice; a thread from your jeans or wait for the marvelous Iftar later on?

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Seriously, for some people who can’t control their hunger, even a ripped thread from their jeans feel tastier in the mouth. But it’s better if you just distract yourself, get engaged into an activity or start working. Honestly, this way, fasting even in this scorching heat becomes tolerable. It’s Ramadan man and it’s okay to feel hungry, just don’t let any temptation overwhelm your willpower.

So, guys, keep up the great spirit of Ramadan. Keep fasting, show immense patience and set a great example out there!

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