This Pakistani Girl Shares On How You Can Write An Article And Earn Good Money

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Freelancing is a very good job. For writing, there are some tips that are necessary but before you should know that for what purpose you write select the topic first you should have enough knowledge about the subject you are writing on .make the topic interesting by creating dramatic effects in it.

First, you should clear the meaning of the topic so that readers can understand that what is the purpose of an author behind writing it. When you well define the meaning then describe that why is there a need to do so clear your purpose by giving examples and examples should practical or either it belongs to your daily life; because genuine or authenticity attracts the readers much.

Source: Education Forum

After you define the purpose then features its positive and negative sides. It is usually that everything contains its safe and harm sides. When you discussed all positive and negative impacts then give your opinion that what you think about it because your opinion really matters. You can give recommendations and solutions if the topic is related to some social or political issue.

Then at the end, you conclude your topic but the conclusion does not contain extra information, it is taken from the above discussion. In the end, I wish the best of luck to all who want to start their career as a freelancer.

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