Here’s How You Can Find Peace Of Heart By The Presence And Qadr Of Allah Almighty

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These words are dedicated to people who’ve lost their loved ones to death and they couldn’t figure out why, to those who’re losing themselves to a fatal disease, to souls who’ve been shaken by the atrocities of this world and they’re trying hard to find a way out.

Before you came into this world, in fact way before that, Allah had written a unique version of His plan for you. Anything that happens here is decreed solely by Him.

The clinching pain in your chest is the guilt of possibilities comprising of could’ve been, would’ve been, and what-ifs that won’t let you fall asleep. Let it go! Each one of the setbacks was carefully planned, it just didn’t happen out of bad luck, your heart was meant to be broken. It was decreed that way.

Here are some of the tested ways that will help you cope with article number 6th of our deen; the Qadr of Allah.

1) Believe; Have Faith    

Source: Life, Hope & Truth

‘There are no sad ending for those who believe.’

You need to understand that whatever is happening to you right now is by Allah. So, if you’re just patient here and wait for the ease to come, it’ll not only lift the pain but please your Creator so much so that He will replace the pain with relief, fatigue with peace, dead ends with light and darkness of your heart with His Noor.

‘Verily, with every difficulty, there is relief’ –  Al- Inshirah (94:5)

2) Allah Loves You

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Trials are a part of this worldly life, if you’re looking to be completely happy in this Dunya, you’re in the wrong place. Each individual is tested on a different level, tribulations do not mean that Allah is punishing you, but that it is His way of getting you closer to His mercy.

‘Whoever Allah wants good for him, he puts them to test. He puts them through difficulties’ Sahih Al – Bukhari.

3) Understand That It Is For Your Own Good

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Human minds can’t always process as to why Allah is keeping them away from something they desperately want. Allah knows that it would bring you destruction instead of the happiness you’re after.

‘And it may be that you dislike a thing which is good for you and that you like a thing which is bad for you. Allah knows but you do not know.’  AI-Baqarah, 2:216

4) Make Dua

Source: Islamic Art

The divine tool that Al- Wahab has given us is the prayer. You talk to Him about what you want; the Hadith proves that even the Qadr can be changed with sincere dua.

‘Nothing can change the divine decree except dua’ Al- Tirmidhi 

Make dua such that your body starts shaking, there is fear in your heart and tears in your eyes, the hadith says that the dua made in these conditions will definitely be accepted. Al – Bukhari

Do you need something? Ask! Cry rivers in front of Him, believe and if you still don’t get it, have firm belief that something better is coming your way.

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