How To Keep Edhi’s Legacy Alive

While sitting infront of TV, watching the funeral procession of Abdul Sattar Edhi I started counting what he had given us? The largest fleet of ambulances, home to thousands of orphans, shelter for widows, maternity homes for needy, khaana ghar for hungry and then I stopped counting. Yes, I am unable to count the drops of rain of blessing he showered upon the suffering humanity.

Now, what’s next? Should we wait for another Edhi? Or should we wait for our politicians to step forward and help the foundation to keep flourishing it as it is? Should we? Or not?

Yes! We should not! When Abdul Sattar Edhi himself never ever relied on any sort of assistance from the government or any other organisation, why should we? He even refused the offer made by Senator Rehman Malik to go abroad for treatment

Charity begins at home. Let’s join hands and stand united for the noble cause Edhi stood for. Shared below are the account details of Edhi Foundation. The least we could do is to donate generously.

The orphans should not feel orphan again, the poor should be provided with food as they were provided before. The ambulances should not face problems with fuel, it should keep moving for those who can’t afford any vehicle at time of need. The education of the needy should not be disturbed, the marriages of  deprived couples should be celebrated with great zeal.



The flag wrapped coffin, the guard of honor, the rose petals, thousands of mourners, farewell with tears – the angel of mercy had left us for always. The arrival of COAS Raheel Sharif also took part in the funeral of philanthropist. May Allah empower us to maintain the noble cause whether through money or with prayers or with merely a good deed.

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