How To Get Rid Of Fruit Flies?

how to get rid of fruit flies

Buzz-buzz – tired of the buzzing of fruit flies in your kitchen or your fruit shop? Maybe you have left some over-ripened fruits in your fruit bowl. Or is there a trash can open near your place filled with all the sugary substance, or maybe some rotten uncovered fruits? Anyway, we know it is causing huge trouble for you. And you are here to know how to get rid of fruit flies, then you are at the right place.

whether they be on fresh fruits or dehydrated ones. Worry not, because that is why we are here to rescue you from all that buzzing!

fruit cake flies

The first thing you should do if you see a fruit fly buzzing around you is to know the root cause. Once you are aware, then take effective action against it as fruit flies spread faster than one can imagine. The not so good news is, these tiny creatures are so evil that a female fruit fly can lay up to hundreds of eggs inside or on the surface of the decaying fruit within a few days. So be quick in whatever action you are taking against this buzzing 

Wondering What Results in Fruit Flies?

Thinking about what happened to your house or hating the flies around your bin? If you plan to get rid of these monsters, let us tell you that these flies are fascinated with decayed or rotten fruits along with fermented liquors. Inhabiting garbage disposals or trash cans are other things you don’t want to discuss. To prevent the fruit flies from being a part of your interior décor, we’ll ask you to emphasize the following measures and try to nip it in the bud:

  • Dispose of decayed, overripe, or rotten fruits
  • Store your veggies and fruits in a cool place
  • Discard the trash daily
  • Keep the surface clean 

Let’s quickly dive into five tried and tested hacks that can help you in getting rid of fruit flies.

5 Quick Tips On How To Get Rid Of Fruit Flies

We are listing below six amazing tips that can help you save from the terrible buzz-mare. Hurry up and scroll down.

1. Know the Cause

From where did this fly enter your kitchen or any place near you?
Follow the fruit fly and reach its house, I mean the root cause! If you see the fruit flies near a fruit bowl, know that there must be a rotten fruit that is hiding between other fresh fruits. Or maybe you have spilled some juice or milk on your kitchen counter. Do not waste another minute thinking about it. Just wipe their “place” away. No more kingdom where they can rule anymore!

2. Time for Some Extra Cleaning

If you are finding the answer to how to get rid of fruit flies, then the most important – it is the time of the year where you think about the areas of your house that are not getting cleaned properly.

Check your kitchen sink? Are you cleaning it or is there any fruit or food residue left around the kitchen sink? What about your trash cans? Is there any rotten fruit inviting the fruit flies? Wash your trash can before using it again. Make sure it is well-dried to use!

3. Kill Them with What They Love

By using putrefied fruits against these fruit flies, you will be able to set a trap as they love to hang around vegetables and fruits, especially the rotten ones. Having placed such fruits or decayed food in a container, use plastic wrapping to make things smooth. Don’t forget to include some holes in that wrapping, because, as expected, the flies will be there and congregate. These fruit flies cause great havoc to your lifestyle, as they are all about bringing chaos and unhygienic conditions to your life. 

Giving what these flies love is like creating a trap that they cannot ignore away. Pour some juice and detergent in a bottle and cover it up with any plastic wrapping. The juice will be enough to captivate a lot of these exasperating flies— repeat this process until your home is clean and the flies are no longer there. Throw away the container or the bottle carrying the dead flies.

4. Vinegar – the Real Charmer 

Making a blend of few spoons of sugar, vinegar and water let you come up with a solid trap. Don’t forget to add any detergent or dish soap, continue this procedure till you get your desired results. For better outcomes, create more traps and place them at different spots around your home. As per critics, implementing vinegar traps are one of the most integral ways to shoo their fruit flies away!

5. Try Store-bought Traps or Call the Exterminator

There might be cases if the above traps don’t work for you, then hire an exterminator or visit any local stores to get your hands on sticky fly traps as they work great for both fruit and common flies.
Last but not least, an exterminator might cost you expensive services, so keep this as your last resort. 

How to Get Rid of Fruit Flies Permanently? 

Known to fly to place-to-place, these fruit flies may cause health issues as they pick up bacteria wherever they go. Keep your house clean and assess your food storage areas—never ignore cans or don’t leave behind fresh food in your kitchen and toss out everything that may attract the fruit flies. Always store your freshly made food or leftovers in the fridge after properly covering them up, whereas your garbage must be discarded regularly.

To get back to a normal routine, it may take some days or weeks so stay patient. You will save your home and yourself by taking some practical steps and get rid of this nuisance.

Wish you luck

Happy bee-ing!?

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