How to get clear and glowing skin fast!

how to get glowing skin

Who doesn’t want clear, glowing skin fast? Uh, everyone does! Who doesn’t hate those little buggers popping up all over our face and leaving scars and marks all over? Everyone does. For glowing skin tips these secrets will uncover your questions in this article

How do you get clear skin fast?

So how does one achieve a clear, glowing, healthy skin with a bright skin complexion? Well, you need to make some changes in your cleansing methods as well as diet.

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You don’t need to pay a hefty amount and get expensive treatments or products. Due to the largely available skincare brands locally which provide good organic products, your path to healthy, bright, clear glowing skin secrets is at your fingertips! Here are some tips on skin care,

What should I eat to have glowing skin?

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!

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First and foremost, hydrate yourself!

Everyone has heard doctors and well mothers emphasize on drinking at least eight glasses of water daily. And everyone just as easily ignores this, but believe-me-you, this makes a HUGE difference.

Hydrated skin, keeps it plumped and soft. No matter how many products you apply topically, nothing will ever undo the dehydration due to decreased water intake. And why shouldn’t you hydrate when there are so many tasty foods to help you hydrate.

Eat foods rich in water content for clear skin!

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For glowing skin home remedies, there are so many foods that have high water content. These not only help towards hydration but also have so many added benefits that help progress towards healthy skin!

These include:


These are super rich in water content and the famous cucumber water is a famous detox! It is one of the best skin beauty tips. Cucumber water is super easy to make. Just cut thin slices of cucumber and lemons and soak them overnight in a jug of water and voila, you have this amazing tonic for the skin.

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This is not only hydration for your skin but also rich in antioxidants like Vitamin C which is a natural skin brightener and helps lighten and give your skin a natural glow!


Rich in carotenoids and Vitamin C this fruit is essential in your path to glowing healthy skin, not only in diet but also to be applied directly. It is one of the best skin glowing tips!

Rich in vitamin C, this fruit also helps to build collagen which is an important part of the structure of skin and underlying tissues. This helps maintain youth and elasticity of your skin.


As already mentioned loaded with vitamin C, this is a must for healthy skin, as it is rich in antioxidant Vitamin C. Why are Vitamin C and other vitamins so important for your skin?  They prevent oxidation from free radicals and protects your skin from UV rays of the sun.

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This can easily be incorporated in the diet by making lemonade, or including it in other drinks and juices as well as sprinkling on salads.


Fish is rich in omega fatty acids and antioxidants Vitamin E, again important to prevent drying, aging of skin as well as wrinkles, all of which lead to dull dry, dark skin.


Carrots are rich in beta carotene and Vitamin A, which is so important for a healthy skin turnover. What does that mean?

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It means it helps promote the dead skin cells layer to shed off and newer underlying skin cells to move up. This also prevents excessive growth of skin in certain areas causing clogging of pores and thus acne.


These are rich in biotin which is so important for not only long and strong hair but also helps prevent acne and gives you healthy, clear and glowing skin.

Avocadoes, spinach, and Green tea:

These are some other foods and drinks that need to be included in your diet as they are rich in antioxidants

Furthermore, spinach and Green teas have DNA repairing properties that repair any damaged DNA, thereby preventing skin damage from the UV rays.

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How to get glowing skin overnight

Apart from things that can be applied on your face, there are some essential steps in skincare for clear and glowing skin secrets that need to be followed religiously. By religiously, I mean, just like your prayers, DO NOT SKIP!

Some dos and don’ts for healthy skin:

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1. Always wash off all make-up.

This includes moisturizers, any residue on your face from the day, and needs to be done before sleep. This is THE ONE MOST IMPORTANT THING that will change your life forever. Never be lazy and leave it for the next morning.

Now what to wash off that residue with? Any gentle, mild skin cleanser, free of parabens and sulphates will do. What are those? Those are your enemies. These are basically preservatives added to products to enhance their shelf life. So, you must use best facial wash for glowing skin

There are many organic brands now in Pakistan that offer cheap parabens and sulphates free skin care product. These include Conatural Pakistan, Aura Crafts which have been tested and tried personally amongst many others. The Activated Charcoal Detox Bar does wonders for cleansing without breaking out into acne.

2. Always use a separate face towel.

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3. After cleansing, use a toner, to get that clear skin.

This is to tighten up the skin and minimize pores (this prevents acne and gives a smoother skin).

4. Apply a face serum, targeting skin problems.

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There are serums rich in Vitamin C for skin lightening and reducing scars and blemishes. Just as well there are retinol serums (Vitamin A derivative) that help younger skin cells to move upwards and give a glowing skin.

5. Apply face oil for glowing skin.

There are numerous face oils, the purpose of all of which is to hydrate and moisturize and prevent damage from UV rays, the end result of which is glowing skin.

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All these help, plump skin, reduce wrinkles and fine lines. Some popular face oils are Argan oil, Maracuja Oil, Retinol oil, Grapeseed oil, Almond oil, gold elixir oils, all of which prevent skin damage by their antioxidant properties and give one that amazing clear skin.

Again the important part is to use pure oils without additives which will only clog pores. All these are marketed by local brands like Conatural, Aura Crafts, and such.

6. Apply a moisturizer for clear and glowing skin.

Apply a moisturizer to lock all of the above products in. When choosing the moisturizer, go for an organic one and one that suits the skin type.

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Not all moisturizers are for all skin types. Those designed for dry skin will make those with oily skin break out into acne and worsen the oil secretions. A moisturizer free of additives like alcohol, and parabens and sulfates again is emphasized for clear, healthy skin.

7. Apply a hydrating spray to get healthy skin.

Simple and pure rose water is just as good as any international fancy brand-BUT- the thing with those brands is they are again paraben and sulfates free.

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The local Hakeem rosewater’s composition and manufacturing is not known.

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So these are some things that can be applied on the skin to get a glowing, brighter, skin complexion. Well, most of these are the same as the foods one needs to take in the diet because of course, they have the same properties. These benefit when applied on the face for the same reason they do, when eaten, because they are rich in antioxidants and water!

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