Finding The Right Woman: These Are The Things You Need To Do!

Finding The Right Woman

Finding the right woman is the task of every person who relates to the masculine gender. Women are as necessary to men as water is to plants. Naturally, the cannot live in separation, and both the genders find solace in each other.

Evidently, from the beginning of the universe, God has begotten humans in pairs – male and female. The glaring example of Adam and Eve, their utmost love is not hidden from anyone. Therefore, there is essential love and attraction between the opposite genders, which we cannot ignore.

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Now, for men, the top goal after reaching their puberty is finding the right woman for them. In the voyage many get lost; whereas, few guided souls meet their soul mates. The search for finding the right women involves a plethora of mental and physical efforts.

How to find a right a woman? If this question is nagging you, you gotta read the whole article, carefully.

What Do You Desire?

Ask yourself, what kind of women you need. Do you want an extrovert lady or an introvert? Moreover, what should her faith be, as in spiritual, believer, atheist or pantheist? You have to be clear before going into the search for finding the right woman. Hence, make your mind prioritize what you want and if possible jot it down.

It is pertinent to know yourself before knowing anyone else. The key is to be true to yourself and give it ample time to think about your desired lady, this is the first step and would definitely lead you to the woman of your dreams.

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Note: you should make the list of your priorities with absolute maturity and ingenuity, otherwise you would regret it later. It is quite possible that you may find the girl but your priorities get change, this would affect your relationship in the worse possible ways.

Where To Find The Right Woman?

Okay, this is what actually every male in adolescence would ask himself. Finding the right woman in the right place is what matters. In this globalized world, where having a Smartphone is not a rare commodity and all and sundry have it, finding the right woman is not that difficult. Social applications like Tinder, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat help tremendously in doing this certain task. Basically, most of the people use such platforms to find their other halves, many for flirting with others.

In addition, you may also find your soul mate in your high school, college university. Walk carefully, the one you’re looking for may work in your office; maybe she is your neighbor or maybe she is the one who works at your favorite restaurant, where you go to eat certain snacks. Thus, you got to look vigilantly in order to find your soul mate in this world with a population of more than 7 billion.

Moreover, go where girls are. On a lighter note, attend parties, concerts, mutual gatherings, go to discos, marriage ceremonies, and in all such places where there is a probability of girls, just make girls the topmost priority of your life. Jokes apart, go to such gatherings where you know random girls would come and in a decent manner try to contact them, you may find your soul mate there.

Maybe The Right Woman Is With You

Sometimes, it happens that the right woman is with us but we cannot recognize her. Often times, we are unable to fathom the feelings that we are looking for. Ask your self, look around, do you have such lady with you? If yes, do not waste looking for the right women around, and grow your relationship with the particular one.

This is not as challenging as it sounds, all you need to observe people around you. There may be you many female friends, college mates, colleagues but you got to the chose the lady with the qualities, which you yearn for. See if a girl is interested in you.

How To Know That You Found The Right Woman

This is the next level. You have gone through the above levels, you found your desired lady. But what now? is she really the one you were yearning for? Is she worth your time? Is she worth your loyalty, honesty, and priority? To know all about it, you need to ponder over the following points and questions.

1: Trust

Trust is the most major thing in any relationship. When it comes to conjugal relations it weighs even more.  If you guys don’t trust each other, then there is no point of carrying your relationship onwards. There should be mutual respect and trust between the couple. If you lack these elements then you must quit the relationship with the shared consent as soon as possible because it is not worth it.

lack of trust when finding the right woman

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2: Is there an element of laughing together?

There is no need to be a clown, but laughing on certain and small things showcase your relation is working. If your woman is the one who tries to make you laugh, cheer your mood, trust me, she is the one! You should do the same, and keep up the spark in your relationship. If you guys lack it, try to build; if it is not happening tear apart.

3: Does she understand you?

If she understands you if she can comply with your anger, and if she soothes you in your worst moods, never let her go. People who understand you are indeed a blessing in this materialistic world.

4: Do you guys have similar beliefs?

This is important to have shared beliefs. For instance, your beliefs are spiritual and she has the same, you guys gonna rock. On the contrary, if her beliefs are materialistic and secular, you gotta problem. Try to resolve disputes and amalgamate your beliefs if it’s not happening and it brings you guys to moot point, end your relationship and move on.

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True relationships are sacred, try to find the right girl and stay loyal with her till your last breath. There is no relationship like husband and wife, respect it. When you find your other half, marry her. Those who flirt and do not take relations seriously are doomed later.  For your help, this is how you can make your partner fall in love with you 

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