Here’s Exactly How You Can Experience Complete Freedom!

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He started with posing a question in front of forty people in a classroom that, “what is that one thing which bounds you to do an even small thing in your life? What is it which held you back to practice your daily life? What is it which stops you to touch your dreams? What stops you to practice freedom?”

The class filled with liberals and conservatives in a highly reputed Business school of Muslim country pointed out someone or something. Everyone had a reason which is causing obstacles in their lives. A young, energetic girl replied, “My parents stop me to move on because they never allow me to go outside the house without their permission. They never let me pursue my higher education in a foreign country. My parents never allow me to attend late night parties.”


Another lady seconded her statement by holding culture a response element for it. She said, I want to wear western outfits, I want to live in the hostel with my friends, I want to live my life on my own ways but our culture does not allow us to do the same. A boy stood against both and said these are our religious values, therefore, culture and parents should not be blamed for it.  This is how a floor opened and he ignited the entire hall. Everyone was waiting for his or her turn to talk on this issue.

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Someone rightly said that religion is my own choice but why am I answerable to society for that? Why is everyone concerned about me more than I am for myself?  Why my relatives are interested in knowing my results? Why my neighbors are interested in knowing my relationship status? Why is someone interested in knowing my salary and age? Why am I not free? Why Society is bounding me not to do, what I want?

A cool lady added further in his point that why am I restricted to get my hair cut own my own choice? Why can’t I get a tattoo on my body? Why am I bound to make changes in my own body?

A guy, who looks very sober and intelligent, talked quite different from the class. He was not bounded by parents’ will, culture, religion, and society but by nature. He was worried, why nature has not made me such so that I can live my entire life in the sea so that I live in space without oxygen. Why nature has compelled us to live on the only planet for years of our lives.

Lastly, he concluded the discussion by stating that everyone wants freedom but no one wants to pay its value. Like: If I want to live independent, maybe without my family, then who will bear my expenses. Who will pay my college fee? I will surely try to earn myself, but then again I would do the job somewhere or I would do business somewhere and at the end of the day I am not free. I have to work one way or another. The value of freedom has to be paid. Surely we are not bounded by society. We can do whatever we want but before that, we have to pay value.

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