This Song about Winter by 7UP Pakistan Will Make You GROOVE Instantly!

It’s the season of joy!

Winters are in full swing and with most of us are done with our exams, we have every reason to celebrate! We were already thinking of ideas and here’s when 7Up entered the picture giving us the perfect idea to spend our winter holidays.

The 7Up Song just came out and we love it! Have a look…

#7UpBonfire Song

This winter create unforgettable memories with some delicious food, best friends and live it up with #7UpBonfireSong

Gepostet von 7UP am Donnerstag, 28. Dezember 2017

First off, let’s talk about Parizae! A new voice has been introduced which sings about the winter essential we need for this holiday season i.e. reviving friendships around a warm fire!

We feel immensely nostalgic thinking about all the bonfires and barbecue gatherings we had at our homes, farmhouses and hill station trips! 7Up has simply played on our heartstrings, reminding us to make that long due reunion with our best friends happen!

Source: Facebook

The sight of chilled 7Up bottles with garama garam khana has made us drool and definitely tempted our taste buds! Now we’re all set up for a campfire, bonfire or at least a barbecue with our favorite people.

Source: Facebook

Let’s kick back, relax and celebrate this winter by catching up with old friends over good food, 7Up, and bonfire.

Tell us your favorite bonfire destination!

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