How to Draw Anime Effortlessly?

how to draw anime

Anime is a word that comes from animation; it is initially brought by the Japanese they are known to be the first to introduce animation in the world. Japanese animation is not only restricted to cater to children but has the same level of interest for children and adults. They target both of audience and release such content which every viewer can enjoy. So, it’s very natural that people want to know how to draw anime.

For an anime lover, anime and manga have two different things, like movies and book relations; the same formula goes for manga and anime. Manga is a Japanese comic novel with graphics, whereas anime is the animation of those mangas (usually titles are taken from comic books).

There is a subtle difference in both drawings, characters that are in manga have large eyes, and other facial features remain simplified. To draw anime characters might seem difficult or overwhelming at times when you are so much indulging in your favorite character. Thoughts might come to your mind whether you can do justice or not. Are you going to spoil your most favorite character look and regret your drawing skills for life?

Steps On How To Draw Anime 

If you are a fan of an anime, then you surely want to get it a try,

  • Draw an oval shape on a clean white paper (anime characters usually have black and white, and the background is detailed and colorful)
  • Divide the oval into four equal sections
  • Now sketch eyes under the horizontal lines, keeping the upper part clear from any marks
  • Make a long curve line on the upper part just above the eye
  • Draw another line that makes a partition between the horizontal line and the lowest part chin
  • Add a small curve in the middle of the new lines for the nose; it has to be the smallest of all because anime have large eyes, which make them prominent.
  • Have a sample picture in front of you whom you want to draw; some don’t have a nose.
  • Add a little smiley type of a face below the nose and above the chin
  • Draw ears on both sides of the head 
  • Finally, draw hair as per your character requirements 
  • Remove the lines from the face at the end
anime drawing
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“As you learn the skills, consider yourself like the apprentice learning from a master.”

Tips And Tricks On How to Draw Anime

Anime is an easy drawing. For beginners, you always look for what more can be done in a limited time; tips and trick are best friends for learners of how to draw anime;

Learn– first, learn the fundamentals of drawing, for instance, shapes, lines, and curves. Anime is the basics and simplified type of drawing so it will help you in the future.

Print and trace– print multiple copies of your favorite character in black and white and trace them with the light pencil as many times as you can. Tracing it doesn’t mean you are copying or your learning skill will limit, take it as a beginner’s tool, and leave it when you get a grip at drawing.

Try– attempt a different character every time; this is how you will learn, where it all similar and makes every character different from others.

Stay motivated– don’t get discouraged by lousy drawing at first; these are the ones that will teach you the most 

Enjoy– take these drawing as a fun part by doing so your body language get relaxed and will enter in a creative mood, result in much better drawings.

In all of this learning process, don’t forget that every little step towards learning counts, and every great artist must have gone through a bad drawing attempt at first.


Physical activities benefit you at every age, whether they are outdoor or indoor, you should never forget the importance of them no matter how little they are. Learning how to draw anime help us a lot in mood change and mid ease as it involves our senses like eyes, hands, and brain for thinking. It increases creativity and allows the mind to think beyond; researchers have also suggested drawing a tool for personal development

It also enables you to focus; those who have a habit of getting out of focus very quickly should definitely try drawing. The right side of the brain helps in creativity, while the left side of the brain is also used for reasoning. And in drawing both of the things are required.

Last but not the least, when both parts of the brain are involved hands automatically work accordingly, which results in fantastic coordination. 

You can also draw anime online but by following the steps mentioned earlier, tips, and tricks, you will definitely learn a lot; as soon as you get the pencil grip, half of your work is done. Just a little more practice  Do a lot of practice as practice does help a lot in learning, drawing, and every aspect of life.

Wish you the best of luck!

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