This Guy Teaches Every Pakistani How To Deal With A Mobile Snatcher

How many times have you been out on the road in a prevailing threat of your belongings getting robbed off you? You have not truly experienced life if your mobile phone or other belongings have not been snatched by thieves riding on bikes in Pakistan especially Karachi.

Part of what makes Pakistan truly Pakistan are these events that can happen to anyone, anytime. Although, it basically is a reflection of our scattered law and order situation and how far security forces have adopted to counteractive measures.

But then we have now gotten used to it after not experiencing one or two but multiple incidents in our lifetime.

In fact, if you come to remember those times when we dealt with a fear after we ran into an extortion incident for the first time. Now it all seems routine. We have adapted. We have been smart about it. We don’t carry valuable belongings. Just why boys like to carry shabby, damaged and cheap phones out in the streets tells you enough.

Source: Brandsynario

Source: Brandsynario

But then there are some people who still get frustrated of experiencing snatching events and why not? They try to overthrow a snatching attempt risking their lives but fail.

But then there are some who go about extraordinary ways in overthrowing a robbery. They set an exuberant example for all us Pakistanis that how we’re supposed to deal such situations next time.

We managed to find a daring person doing ultra daring stuff in a daring showdown with a mobile snatcher. See it for yourself:

Boy, oh boy, who even manages to have such nerves?

Source: Giphy

Source: Giphy

Clearly, he had had enough of it. The notion here sets, “Yeh security forces walay kia kar lein ge, hum hi kuch kar dete hein.”

Those moves do not come easy. He seems to be some sort of a martial arts qualified. Of course, taking such a leap requires not just guts but skills too. Not to forget, he kept the cigarette in his mouth the whole time when he attacked his mobile snatcher. That’s some dedication towards addiction, seriously. It is pictured perfectly now because so many of you do smoke.

Source: Giphy

Source: Giphy

We appreciate it. Yeah, man, we have had enough and somebody should do something about it.

So, guys, next time pillion riders on a CG 125 approach you, get your heartbeat under control and do something like that. Trust me, it will be worth the effort. Or if you are nervous, just enroll into a martial arts program because the need for it can occur anytime.

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