This Is How Every Human Needs To Comment On Their Friend’s Social Media Post!

This Is How Every Human Needs To Comment On Their Friend's Social Media Post

In this era of technology, we are living in a globalized world- connected through the internet. Long gone a time when we used to write a letter that had to post in a post box or post office and we had to wait for days in order to have a reply. In today’s world, we rely on commenting on friends posts or sending them messages online. However how to make a good comment is an art, one needs to master.

We have different kinds of have friends, who have distinctive mentalities and nature. While commenting on a friend’s post, we must know what kind of mindset he or she has. Your comments may make a huge difference in their mindset; comments on their posts could breed love or hatred it all depends on your comments.

What to comment if your friend is an introvert

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An introvert kind of mindset is quite different from other people. Such people are sort of self-obsessed, sensitive in nature and intelligent. They like intellectual discussions and neglect any kind of improper or illogical debates. Their mindset yanks rational and cerebral conversations. Therefore, if your friend is an introvert, try not to be fake with him, he may get offended. You should write a comment that is true in nature and should limelight wisdom. After reading your logical comment, your friend will start liking you more than ever.

If your friend is single


Single people differ greatly from the ones who are committed. Their thoughts are complex as they are unable to decide whether being single is good or they shall get committed? Many of them seek the attention of girls in order to have a girlfriend, and some of them just do not give a damn about others and think about themselves only. If you want to comment on your single friend’s post, write something about the relationship to make them get committed or you can write about drawbacks of single life. Besides, if he is single and ready to mingle you can tag your friends in his or her posts to ignite a flame of connectivity between the two randoms.

If your friend has a family in his friend list

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Most of us love our family and that love does not stop in the walls of our homes, it now reaches into our social networking applications too. If your friend is a family kind of guy and he has a mother, father brother, sister and uncles in his friendslist then your comments on his post should be decent. Your comment on a friend’s post should showcase dignity, respect, reverence, and motivation. If your comments exhibit the real vulgarity that you both discuss behind the lights, it would distort not only your friend’s image in his family but yours too. On the contrary, if you write good, kind and inspirational words on your friend’s post, it will fetch you a lot of respect in his family. Hence, remember always respect yourself and your friend while commenting on his posts

Is your friend committed?

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Okay now, this is something very serious if your friend is committed, think 100 times before commenting on his posts. Many of us hide thousands of things from our better halves owing to certain reasons. Friends know many things about their friends that even wives and girlfriends do not know about. Therefore, a single comment on your friend’s posts regarding his past or anything funny that your friends only know about  (a secret) can destroy his whole relationship. Now what to comment, on such posts, well you may write something intellectual, decent, or funny. In short, you can write anything as long as it doesn’t distort your friend’s relationship. Moreover, If you’re gonna write something that you are curious about, ask your friend first and then write a comment on his post.

What if your friend is an extrovert?

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As we know extrovert people, like hanging out, they like chilling all the time, killing their time on fun activities is never a worrisome thing for them. Because they are extroverts, they are more likely to post things regarding parties, pictures of traveling or videos of any concert. In reality, your comments on their posts do not matter that much as their mind relies more on practical things than on emotional writings. However, your comments like praising, asking them about whose concert is this and which place they traveled to will matter.  As a whole, intellectual stuff would not work on them as they are extroverts.

Is your friend fighting with an anxiety disorder?

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If you know your friend is depressed and is going through hard times in life, you must be vigilant about what you comment on his posts. when a person is depressed or fighting with the anxiety he becomes irritated on minor things, choose your words carefully while commenting on them. Besides, people like them become too sensitive, they might even mind a minor positive criticism on themselves or become more depressed owing to your comment. Leave behind rationality while talking to them or commenting on their posts. You can write positive, motivational and inspiring words on their posts. This will help them fight their anxiety and will make them respect you even more.

What to comment if your friend is angry with you?

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As friends, we often become angry with each other on minor issues. If your friend is annoyed with you, your comments can work like magic in bettering your relationship. Write something about your past memories or praise your friend on his certain posts. For instance, you can write in his picture, in which he is sitting in a cafe, “are you alone why didn’t you invite me?” Similarly, comment nice words on his pictures or other posts, this would ameliorate your relationship with your friend

All in all, comments matter a lot. If your comments are positive, your friendship will grow. If you do not write positive comments on friends’ posts, you will lose them eventually.

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