How to be productive as a freelancer and achieve greater things in life!

How to be productive as a freelancer

Productivity skills are something we all struggle with. When we are at home and relaxed we rarely get the urge to get up do something productive. How to be productive as a freelancer is one of the biggest challenges of our lives. The majority of us are not good at being productive when there is no one holding us accountable. This goes especially for us freelancers. We do not face our bosses. Our communication with them is limited via text or phone calls. So, it is pretty easy for us to get lazy. But how to be productive as a freelancer? We feel lucky to be able to work from home. But I think we all want the productivity an office based job instills in us.

When you are at work or school there is your boss and your teachers who are expecting results from you. Who will check to see if you did your work and did it efficiently? But if you take these authority figures out of the equation and leave just yourself. This is where the procrastination and “I’ll do it tomorrow” comes into play. The reality is, that “tomorrow” never comes. But do not worry because as a freelancer you too can get this office-based productivity at home. But how to be productive as a freelancer and how to work at fiverr or any other freelancing sites. If you follow the following tips and strategies, you surely will double the work you are doing currently.

Have a Dedicated Work Space

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You might think that the best part about working at home is that you can work anywhere. Well, that is the number 1 thing that causes you to lose productivity. You might think that working on your laptop in front of the T.V would be an amazing way to work. The thing is that this is bad for two reasons. Reason 1 you will be distracted by whole lotta things. Reason 2 your back and your laziness would not thank you at all.

Aside from it being a productive and comfortable working environment. It is also good for your health. Never neglect the benefits of having a good office chair. Choose a model that provides sufficient lumbar support, has adjustable height and a good sway option. Sitting at a 135-degree angle is the best for your back so a good lumbar and sway option is the best for you. You can also invest in a standing desk and enjoy a little time on your feet; it makes you more productive and also is good for your health. In this way you have more productive things to do!

Make yourself a schedule

Doing a freelancer work and having no real specified shift can make it hard to act according to a productive theory. Let alone stay productive. When there is no authority delegating the time you need to be working. You, my friend, need to be the authority and lay down a schedule of yourself.

It would have been easier to schedule your day if you were working a 9-5. But you are not so it is all on you. Make yourself a schedule that will allow you to get work done in your own life and in your work life. Being a freelancer you have the freedom to live life by your own rules. You dictate how your day looks like, so take up the reigns. And make a schedule that you can uphold with consistency.

Having a copious amount of time on your hand can lead to procrastination. So, be smart and make yourself a routine.

Get Your Chores Done Before You Start Working

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Continuing from my previous point. Putting your daily chores in your schedule before your work will result in you being more focused and you would have fewer distractions. No one likes having the shadow of cores hanging over them. So get them out of the way and then just relax and work on whatever project you had scheduled for the day.

Also, try to work in a clean environment. Studies have shown that people are more productive when the air, place and the desk they work at is clean.

Clear Your Mind, View, and Browser From Distractions

You need to meticulously follow this step if you get distracted easily. You might not have ADHD but it is easy for us to get distracted especially because of our phone. As I said earlier that working in front of the T.V is the worse thing you can do for your productivity. Working close to a smartphone is as worse as the former.

Take your phone and keep it far away from your view. Keep in behind you, above you or beneath you. Just make sure that you cannot see the notification. Or better yet turn it off during your own given work hours. Now the second step is to close all the tabs that are not related to your work. Meaning youtube videos and the cheeky little Netflix tab you always have open. When every distraction is out your mind will also be distraction free and you will finally be able to work.

Set Your Own Deadlines

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As a freelancer setting your own deadlines is crucial. You probably get a project with a week or a months deadline. Now that project must have several parts. Now it is your job to divide them up and give each of them a deadline of your own.

That is the only way you can feel accomplished and less burdened.

Work in 90-Minute Intervals

Try working in 90-minutes on and 20-minutes off intervals. This is the best way to work. as it gives your mind sufficient time to work within the 90 minutes. And the next 20 minutes will allow your brain to stay fresh and rejuvenated.

Make Yourself a Cup of Coffee


Remember coffee is your friend, coffee is the magic juice that makes everything better. If you feel tired or a little lazy after working for several hours. Make yourself a nice warm cup-a-joe. Coffee won’t only get the creative juices flowing it will also prevent the head fall while working on the monotonous tasks.

Get 8 hours of sleep along with all of these steps. And you will be chasing down projects and making money like it is no big deal. Good Luck you absolute amazing human being!

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