How To Add Music On Instagram Stories

how to add music on instagram stories

 Music – The Real Diva Of Instagram Stories

Instagram has introduced the ‘Music in Instagram Stories’ feature. Isn’t that awesome? You can add any soundtrack according to your tastebuds and make it a perfect memory for your Instagram highlights. Express yourself in an absolutely amazing way, and attract more followers by getting the maximum eyeballs on your catchy Instagram stories. But how to add music on Instagram stories?

And interestingly, more than 400 million Instagram users upload stories on Instagram daily so you can imagine, if you get more expressive in your Instagram stories that definitely means more Instagram followers. And surprisingly your Instagram family will know the song title and the name of the artist as there will be a sticker available on your story. Cool, right? But how to add music to Instagram stories? Here’s how!

We are sure by now, you are eager to know ‘how to add music to Instagram stories?’ Aren’t you? Oh yes, you are! Let us jump know the quick trick so that you can get more closer to your friends and followers!

How To Add Music On Instagram Stories?

Instagram stories can be easily made, but they require some brain working! If you want your Instagram stories to pop-up and stay visible in everyone’s mind for more than 24 hours then you really need to learn some Instagram story features! The best part is, Instagram offers some great tools that will help us in making our stories unique, colorful, and all fun! You may have some classy Instagram pictures to be posted on Instagram stories, great videos, and some really oh-so-amazing filters but what if we tell you, you are missing ONE IMPORTANT FACTOR – and that is Instagram Music! Oh yes, you’re missing it out, a great time.

How to use Instagram music? Instagram offers a good selection of tunes from its library – you can also use your favorite music through music streaming services, like SoundCloud, Shazam, or Spotify.

We have guided step by step on how to add music to Instagram stories and make them full of unicorns and rainbows! 

How to Add Music to Instagram Stories to Jazz it Up?

Step 1

Add Music from Instagram – 

You can add music directly from Instagram. Simply tap on the camera button or the ‘Your Story’ icon to start recording or capturing your story. Apply your favorite filters pr the special effects you like the most – once the editing is done, then tap the ‘sticker icon’ that you can find on the top of the screen. Now tap the ‘Music’ sticker.

Step 2

Search For Music

You’ll see a music screen. Search for the particular tune that you want by using the search field at the top of the screen. Search the song, you can also look up the artist or album. If you found the song that you like, then tap the ‘Play’ button. You will hear a short clip. But if you do not know which song to select then just browse through Genres, Popular or Moods to get a hint of the music collection.

Step 3

Add And Edit The Music You Have Selected

Once you think that you are ready to select the song, then tap on the song you want on your story. If you are uploading a picture that the music that you have selected will only run for 15 seconds maximum but if there is a video that you will upload then Instagram will cut 15-second segments till your video plays!

If you are posting a picture on your Instagram story then you can get an idea of what portion you will add of the track that you have selected. You can move the bar to get the best part of the song to be added. You can also change the image of the photo thumbnail by tapping on it. 

Once you are happy with the song or music that you have selected, tap on Done. The song is now added to your Instagram story and you can see a sticker as well. Yay! Almost done.

Step 4

Place Music Sticker

The song you have selected will appear as a sticker on your story. You surely have the option to move the sticker and place it somewhere that you want it. Also, you can do it by moving around with your finger on your screen. You can also change the size of your sticker and that totally depends on you! If you are posting a video on your Instagram story then you can edit your sticker before. You can pin your sticker on any person or specific object in the video by simply holding it down on your sticker. That means you will have a ‘moving sticker’ as the object or person moves in your video! That’s how you learn how to add music to your Instagram story.

Step 5

Publish And View Stories With Music

Time to finally publish our Instagram story with the Instagram music feature!
Publish your story by changing the privacy of viewers – whom you want to show your Instagram story. It is totally up to you if you want to tap Close Friends or if you want everyone to see it. You can also limit the Instagram stories viewer. And to view your story, just tap the ‘Your Story’ icon where your story will appear with the music playing on auto. Time to enjoy!


Add some popular and crazy music to your Instagram stories to have more fun and get the maximum attention and reaction from your viewers – Afterall who doesn’t like getting a social media especially super star of Instagram! 

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