How This Husband Left His Wife All Alone During Their Baby’s Delivery Is Extremely Inhumane!

Let me start this article by asking just one simple question: Why is it so difficult for a person to be there for someone who is in pain? 

I’ve heard a lot of people advocate how both men and women need be there for each other to make the ends meet. Aside from that, each time a woman is seen hating on men (for any reason whatsoever), men attack her by mentioning how women cannot ‘survive’ without the presence of a man in her life. While this topic is much debatable, when it comes to marriage, it is essential for both, the husband and the wife to be there for each other.

Casually scrolling through my social media feeds, I came across this story of how a husband denied staying with his pregnant wife who was about to give birth to their child. Here’s how the narrator penned the story:

Try Imagining Her Physical and Mental Stress!

LOL @ the Man

Guess Who’s The Coward Now?[/caption]



Keyword: AT LEAST!

This Is SO Depressing

Sure, every woman gives birth to a child. But how does it justify the fact that it is easy to give birth to a child all by yourself? For 9 months, a woman goes through the pain of cramps, backaches, and abdominal pain. Least a husband can do is to be there for her, to comfort her when she is in the middle of physical pain.

Do not justify by saying how a man will be responsible for giving the child his future. The mother would also do the same. She would look after the child, their education, their nourishment – each and everything which your mother would’ve done too. Stop taking this as a competition between “We have more responsibility” and start being there for each other. Do not do something which you wouldn’t want your child to do. Share the responsibility not just because you had a part in it, but because it will be a part of you now.

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