These Pakistani Celebrities Are A Perfect Fit For #NoShaveNovember With Their Sick AF Beard Game!

The month of October is celebrated by the whole world as Breast Cancer awareness month, which is an annual campaign to increase the awareness about the said disease. And after October, men vow in the month of November, not to shave their beards and cut their hair. Movember – No Shave November is celebrated for bringing awareness and raising funds for those who lose their hair due to prostate cancer. In this way, they save their money they usually spend on the grooming of their beards and hair.

How could the ‘third sexiest men of the world’ stay behind? In support of cancer patients, these 14 Pakistani hotties are giving other guys a really tough time!

1. Hamza Ali Abbasi



The heartthrob, the dreamboat, the one who is always a part of the controversies due to his Facebook statuses, our Pyara Afzal has slain the girls with this perfect shot!

2. Fawad Khan


Source: ChatDD

No comparison at all, this popular sweetheart may just cause a frenzy with his grown beard

3. Umair Jaswal

Source: pinterest

This Nawab of Mor Mahal is overwhelming the women with his traditional looks.

4. Bilal Ashraf


Source: Pinterest

The innocence in his eyes is making him look cute even with the beard

5. Adeel Hussain


Source: Pinterest

This guy could kill yaar! Seriously!

6. Sheheryar Munawar



I think Hrithik should follow his style now!

7. Meekal Zulfiqar



Usually, he isn’t seen with a grown beard but when he is, he looks more than awesome

8. Atif Aslam


Source: FEED

The girls are going gaga over Atif Aslam since his first appearance in Wo Lamhe and his looks still have the same magic!

9. Ali Kazmi

source: twitter

His classic stubble-beard is making him more perfect like his acting

10. Asrar Shah


Source: PakGamers

His voice+his looks = The magic wand is going to mesmerize you!

11. Azfar Rehman



In his upcoming drama with the evergreen beauty Mahnoor Baloch, girls are bound to not even blink during the serial.

12. Mohib Mirza


Source: Twitter

This baal bachon wala hero is still popular among the girls these days

13. Ali Safina


Source: KoolMuzone

This crazy guy is taking the girls down with his five-o’clock-shadow look.

14. Waseem Akram


Source: Pinterest

This old picture of this heroic bowler could stun you, literally!

15. Adnan Malik


Source: Imgrum

He knows the secret of stimulating the passion in poor girls

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