Here’s How Thakur Became Nation’s Favourite Hero Overnight!

22nd August 2016 marks an important date in the Pakistani history. On this day, not only the national cricket team reached the top of the rankings in test play but one of the biggest players in the national politics were rendered weak with just one blow.

We saw the horrors that followed after the speech of MQM’s leader to the workers. Karachi was set ablaze after months of peace. In that time of need, we saw a knight in shining armor going by the name Thakur and what a befitting name!

Sporting a mustache that can make even a walrus jealous, the way he handled Dr. Farooq Sattar made him a favorite throughout the country. The Twitteraties aren’t getting tired tweeting about this hero of the nation.

The most befitting bollywood reference


Amir Liaqat’s Facebook status


This meme is on fire


Acha nahi dia? hain?!


Unanimously accepted as a hero


Band karo yeh dramay


He’s asking all the right questions

He has the entire plan of action ready


Media presents the other side of the picture

Misbah ul Haq or Thakur?

Fawad Khan who?


And this non-veg joke

And this keen observation

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