#IgnoreNahiDuurKero – This Ad Beautifully Depicts How Prevention Is a Better Than Opting for Cure

Dental care is one subject that nobody should ever ignore.  Sadly, most people cringe at the idea of regularly visiting their dentists or some people simply cannot carry it as a priority in their lives. However, it goes without saying that your body sometimes indicates subtle message regarding taking serious action in many terms. Before we begin, we urge you to really get your mind around the fact that “problems should not be ignored, they should be treated and prevention is better than cure,” or more like #IgnoreNahiDuurKero.

This really cute example of a mom and son speaks volume of the message – #IgnoreNahiDuurKero

Daabur Red Toothpaste

This one is cute; even though kids don't usually act like that but they do pick up things from their parents. #IgnoreNahiDuurKeroAdvertiser: Daabur Red Toothpaste

Gepostet von Advertising Pakistan am Donnerstag, 9. November 2017

In our culture, it’s rampant among mindsets to ignore certain problems and not taking necessary actions to amend them. People would normally overlook and ignore and let things fix on their natural course. However, little do they know that dental problems do not get cured of their natural course but rather develop into bigger and create a breeding ground for further problems.

The advertisement makes a strong point of not overlooking problems but rather taking preventive measures which are always better than a cure. So, it’s always advisable to prevent these problems from happening in the first place.

But how is it even possible?

It’s a no-brainer to even consider prevention without having strong preventive measures. If you are looking to prevent some major dental problems that develop on a grass-roots level, you need to start with the basic level and that is your toothpaste. The key takeaway here is:

  • For centuries, natural ingredients, herbal extracts have proven to be effective for dental problems
  • When your toothpaste incorporates the right recipe of all, it might just be all that you need!
  • One of the most effective solutions is “clove oil”. It’s proven to be effective for bleeding gums as well as gingivitis.

  • This is one natural remedy that you can easily benefit from.
  • Good news is that Dabur Red Toothpaste has this ingredient and thus, allows you to conveniently benefit from it!

Bottom line is that by opting for natural remedies, it always allows you to take control and prevent further problems. And, having an option as basic as your toothpaste could make all the difference!

See guys, now you can enjoy everything as long as you have things under control…

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