How Pakistani Men's Winter Apparel Differs From Everyone Else !

How Pakistani Men’s Winter Apparel Differs From Everyone Else !

Winter is an amazing time in Pakistan truly because we do it our way. Although some of our customs and winter apparel is adapted from the west; most of it is original, this is a tribute to all the amazing winter fashion statements that have originated in Pakistan and that we pull of so well…

1. The Winter Kurta Shalwar


2. The Light Shawl


3. The Modern Sherwani


4. The Traditional Pakol

amir adnan_35

5. The Waistcoat Look

6. The Pashmina Neck Scarf


7. The Ajrak Topi Look


 8. The Pakhtoon Scarf


 and let’s not forget that the West steals our cultural apparel and adapts it to their modern fashion collections, hence we should be very proud of out traditional style and fashion…

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