This Guy Perfectly Demonstrates the Hilarious Way Every Pakistani Guy Takes a Selfie

Life was too simple back in the times of our ancestors. That is not too long ago, just 10 years back you had no idea about what the heck the word, “selfie” even means. I am pretty sure it wasn’t even derived back then and it is absolutely a thing of today. Now the world has advanced and the smartphone-revelation hailing in today’s era has totally changed everything. Back in time, it was so cool to own digital cameras but now each and every person who owns a smartphone has the facility of capturing any moment with their smartphone cameras. The culture has found itself a craze called, “selfies”. The ultimate solo picture of you that you post on your social media profiles is normally called selfies. The craze for a perfect selfie has gone too far now.


We usually talk about how girls are crazy about taking selfies. Why not? Just hang out with a female and not a minute would pass without her flipping her phone, posing and capturing photos. Keeping up with these insane social networks, people go crazy in the race of a perfect selfie. Everyone wants to look stunning and now we have fixes, edits and filters to even fix our ugly pictures (pun intended). Anyway, there’s a particular process, a step-to-step metrics of taking the mighty perfect selfie. If you thought only girls follow that then come on man, you need to get out more. We have one guy who has perfectly demonstrated what it typically takes a guy in Pakistan to take that perfect selfie.

Irfan Junejo portrays how usually guys take selfies… It’s absolutely hilarious!

‪How to take a selfie like a londa – the complete guide ?‬

Gepostet von Irfan Junejo am Dienstag, 13. Juni 2017

Man, he nailed it! Look at his expressions. He’s a complete entertainer and each and every step was pitch perfect. He made such a simple thing so entertaining and funny. Kudos to Irfan Junejo for pulling a perfect piece of entertainment. Seriously, I can’t really get over it. How many times have I viewed this video since morning? I lost count lol.

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So, it’s pretty much a confession how guys usually take selfies. Damn, this guy just spilled the beans and now the secret behind our cool selfies is out! Well, you can do pretty much everything that Irfan describes, but please don’t copy/paste rap lyrics. They absolutely make you look like a paindu, hands down!

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