How Pakistani Actor Muhammad Ali Helped Change A Baby's Life

How Pakistani Actor Muhammad Ali Helped Change A Baby’s Life

Khizra Munir is a popular Twitter celebrity. She recently shared a story on the social media platform that affected the hearts of many. Labeling it her favorite Ramadan story, Khizra went on to talk about an incident which occurred around 30 years ago during the holy month of fasting. It involved the late Pakistani actor Muhammad Ali, who happened to be friends with her grandfather.



She talks about how a baby was discovered, abandoned, inside a cemetery and how when the parents couldn’t be discovered, the actor himself vouched for the kid so that it would be adopted into a good home.

Here’s the story:

Moral of the Story?

And we assume that the kid had a good life with a family that loved him. During a time where people are afraid to do what’s needed, those with the power to make a change must step forward. And that’s what Muhammad Ali did.

He knew that any other man would be forced to confess parentage so instead of allowing that to happen, he personally took the child to the orphanage and because of his doing that, the foreign couple ended up adopting the baby.



Muhammad Ali may not be with us anymore, but because of his acts of generosity and kindness, his legacy lives on. There are few men that can live up to what he was and few that will.

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