5 Ways Pakistani Mothers Can Guarantee Their Child’s Health & Growth

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What’s the biggest trouble a Pakistani woman faces once she becomes a mother? If you guessed her child’s health — you’re right! The precious moment a mother holds her child for the very first time is incomparable.

Once the mother and the child start bonding, all she can think about is how she will take care of the child’s health. How she will ensure he/she is given the perfect care, which includes both his physical and mental health. Thus, we’ve devised a list of ways Pakistani mothers can guarantee their child gets the best care possible.

Here’s what YOU will need to do:

1. Keep a healthy and positive environment at home

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Growing up in a Pakistani household, the environment of the house, the way the family communicates, leaves a huge impression on the child’s mental health. A huge issue our country faces is that not many people consider mental health as important as its physical counterpart.

In order for the child’s mental health to be normal, at least, parents need to ensure they do not argue or talk loudly in front of the child. When the child makes a mistake, which they always will, they should not be treated harshly. These little things go a long way for a child’s mental sustainability.

2. Toddler moms should guarantee use of the best nutritional products

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The days of the ‘desi totkay‘ are gone. Today, research has produced products such as Morinaga BFGROW 3, which are formulated to guarantee your toddler’s health and growth. Not only does Morinaga BFGROW 3 guarantee growth and strength, but it also enhances the brain development of your child. Moreover, Morinaga BFGROW 3 strengthens the immunity system in children, which keeps diseases/illnesses away. The choice is yours, mums!

3. Make sure your child does not get hooked to gadgets, but physical activities

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In the age of technology, access to gadgets has become a scourge. Children of today, instead of getting involved in physical activities, turn to phones, tablets or computers. Mothers need to make sure even if they are giving their child the leverage of using these gadgets, they must be involved in physical activities such as workout, outdoor games or any kind of sport.

4. If your child has poor eating habits, change them!

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Once the child discovers that food is something they must consume every day, they develop ‘picky’ eating habits. Well, we all want to feed our children what they want, right? But can you keep giving your child fast food and chocolate every day? Definitely not. A school going child aged 3 to 12 years needs 1200 to 1600 calories per day. But the question is how to fulfill the daily caloric requirement of a picky eater?

Morinaga BF Chil School is what your child needs, and most importantly, DESERVES. Morinaga BF Chil School has 31 wholesome nutrients that provide your young one with 200 calories per glass. Falling in love with its taste, the child then happily consumes up to 1600 calories a day. Cause nutrition on, toh worries gone!

5. There is one thing your child needs more than anything: Your ATTENTION!

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If there’s one thing your child craves more than chocolates and fast-food, it is YOUR attention. Your child will not confine with anyone, but you. The bond you have with your children will never be replaced. Thus, give them all the attention they need.

They will nag, they will question, they will wreak havoc. However, you must look them in the eyes, smile and adhere to their needs. A child that is given attention by their mother, will never try to find it elsewhere.

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