Here’s How It Feels Like To Be A Shia In Pakistan

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While we are too distracted discussing Aamir Khan’s comments over intolerance in India, we refuse to look into our own homeland where intolerance is increasing each day.

1. Going to a Majlis is the most daring thing to do

With growing attacks on Shiite public gatherings, going to an Imam Bargah has become a matter of life and death.


Picture Source: FacenFacts

2. Claiming to be a Shia in public is no longer safe

Target killing is another nightmare for a Shia in Pakistan, who knows who is the next target.

target killing -parhlo

Picture Source: WahdatNews

3. Every time someone from family is late, you start worrying

It is like living a life of a prisoner, waiting to be hanged.


source: google

4. Protests, Social Media…Still Helpless

Where does one go, when you don’t feel protected in your own home?


Source: Frabz

5. Nothing can change faith, not even DEATH!


Source: QuickMeme

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