9 Ways Intellect Is Killed In Primary Schools

Private school systems have been destroying our kid’s capacity to think for generations now. Children are forced to conform and fit into little boxes that the society has deemed acceptable.

1. Wrong age

kids should not be bothered with books and learning before they are 5. They should be free to wander around and observe the magical universe.


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2. Too Many useless books

There are just too many forms of lengthy learning material that kids are supposed to know !


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3. No sports in schools

Playing Sports builds character, it teaches you to lose and win gracefully, it teaches team work and how to lead and follow .


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4. Arts

Dance, poetry, writing, painting, singing, sculpting anything that helps you express yourself is an essential part of learning and growing; which is missing badly in our system .


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5. Dots

Yes they may seem very simple , but young kids trying to learn writing with dots lose their ability to think freely. They will always follow something or someone as they themselves are unable to take lead .


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6. Cramming

We all know how harmful cramming is , but it is encouraged at schools . Our kids cram science lesson , religious lessons , geography and everything .


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7. Essay

Essay writing enables kids to think , observe and be present in their environment . But we force our kids to learn words by heart .


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8. Maths

Maths is about learning facts and logic not some mad practice of mindless rules and formula again and again .


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9. Unfair Evaluation Standards


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