How Does Social Media Play A Role In Depression?

Social Media Depression

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This story has been submitted by Zainab Shahzad.

Depression, we know more or less every person has heard this word once in a while, but what exactly it is and how it affects us through social media? Let’s find out!

Depression (major depressive disorder) is a common and serious medical illness that negatively affects how you feel, the way you think, and how you act.

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Depression is a mental illness in which the suffering person beliefs that he or she is going towards failure and that there is no way back. A lot of the time we see people suffering from it. Yet we feel shy to lend a helping hand to the person because there are social stigmas attached to this illness.

Is social media really contributing to the problems of depression in people? Well, the answer is, YES!

Social media indeed has helped in solving many problems. Well, this is an optimistic approach. No doubt, but, social media has some negative aspects as well.

Do you want to know how?

Well, the answer is now a day we can see several people adding up to their timelines by posting about their study-related achievements,  posts about various occasions and celebrations. Such things can add to the problems too many. Because not all of us are blessed with such privileges. For example, not every student can get a gold medal. Similarly, not everyone can have pre-birthday parties big fat birthday parties.

We see countess such posts on our Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook timelines.

However, such celebrations of pre birthdays and post birthdays are no doubt are a waste of money and are useless celebrations and we should definitely not spend our halal money on them.

social media and depression
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Well, for the remaining aspects such as a person securing high marks causes a working hindrance in your mental ability or working ability, the only solution is to work hard and put the rest on Allah Almighty and put the toxic people aside. Ignore all the toxicity by muting the contacts that are causing any sort of disturbance to you.

Focus on your mental health

Even if you are not securing the marks or scores you wanted to get. It’s ok. The thing that only matters is that you are trying and that’s the only thing that matters. And one day you’ll surely succeed.

Similarly, many people show off their money by putting on branded clothes and accessories which is also sort of adding to the stress level of people. This aspect also contains very negative effects. Showing off is also considered haram [forbidden] in Islam.

Well, the solution to the above problems is that, maintain a social distance YES, even on social media. If the social media posts of a person are hurting and disturbing you. Simply mute or even block the person.

We do not want any negativity in life. Ignore the toxic people. Please keep this one thing in mind that it is better to be alone than be in the wrong company.

Secondly, if you still feel depressed or frustrated there are many mental therapies out there that can surely help you.

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Find your ‘Me’ time

Such as one can have a ‘Me’ time in which the person can spend the hour according to his /her hobbies and choices. Thirdly one creates a happy jar. This is one such amazing therapy because it doesn’t require a lot of effort.  This therapy means to create a jar or set a separate box in which one should add all the good activities that happened with him/her during the day. Even if nothing goods happens to him, he can include any blessings given to him by Allah SWT such as clean water, home, food, etc. In such a person can realize how blessed he is.

Fourthly,  simple yoga and morning and evening walk can also help.

All such remedies are only mentioned to give a hint that various activities can be adopted and followed if one wants to get rid of social media addiction and all such problems associated with it such as depression.

Similarly, the evil eye is also one major cause of this problem as people can also get affected by it.

Thus, it states that both the concerning parties can get affected

The holy prophet Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) said, “The evil eye is real and can bring a person down  from the top of a mountain.”

Therefore, people should keep all aspects and results in mind before posting any sort of stuff and before following people on social media as it can really upset people.

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