“How Do We Control COVID-19?’ Is More Important Than ‘How Did It Start?’


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This article was originally submitted by Soha Jamshed

COVID-2019 has claimed many lives; the death toll worldwide has ascended to more than 142,700 whereas the number of confirmed cases is also increasing with the passage of time.

The pandemic has affected the world greatly, leading to an immensely chaotic situation. People are confined to their homes. Many countries are observing complete or partial lockdown. As a result, the streets are deserted. Financial markets and stocks markets have suffered a serious setback and the worldwide economy has collapsed.

However, the jigsaw puzzle is still incomplete, the picture is still bleary and the mystery is still unresolved as to how the virus actually originated.

Was it due to the consumption of bat soup or rattles by the Chinese? Right after the virus started to spread like fire in woods, China imposed a strict ban on eating wild animals.

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Although, till now there’s no clear proof that the virus was transmitted by animals, initially China was accused largely for the pandemic; they were thought to have consumed those animals as food dishes, which had the virus and thus the virus was transmitted to humans. The wildlife industry in China has been exceptionally remunerative. China abounds in such markets where exotic animals are sold out for various purposes. Furthermore, Chinese are known for eating those animals which a common man won’t ever like to have as food under any circumstances; they consider it healthy to eat wild animals.

Another reason is that the eating of expensive wild animals depicts their status. So, if rich, they’d prefer serving peacock as a food dish than white meat to their guests. Moreover, the wildlife industry serves for medicinal purposes and for the large-scale production of cosmetics as well; which are exported all over the world.

Thus, this industry plays an indispensable role in China’s economy.

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Despite all of it, China, after the outbreak of COVID 2019 brought its wildlife industry under control as not to face any consequences in the near future. Not to forget that the world isn’t going through such conditions for the first time; we’ve been through MERS and SARS as well.

In the year 2003, civets were banned as they were found likely to transmit SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) to humans in Southern China. The epidemic affected 26 countries worldwide.

Now, coming towards a plot twist. Could it possibly be a bio war? Could it be that the virus isn’t natural and has been made in a laboratory? Is it an outbreak of a ‘silent war’ in which thousands are dying all over the world, just as in wars? Yes. It could possibly be.

Here, arises a question. Why would any nation do this? And the answer to this is. ‘power’.

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It could be to economically destroy the strong nations. It could be to prove one’s nation powerful by simply letting out a virus. It could be anything. There are a million possibilities as to what the cause can be.

China laid the blame on America and suggested that the eruption of coronavirus was an attempt by America to make the Chinese economy fall flat on its face. Alongside China, other big nations such as Iran and Russia have also accused America to have had this virus engineered in a laboratory and use it as a biological weapon.

On the contrary, America has too ensured its full participation in this blame game. According to Pew survey, 30% of Americans believe that China is responsible for the pandemic. US President, Donald Trump has recently referred to COVID 2019 as the “Chinese virus.” Meanwhile, top American immunologists have said that the Chinese wet markets are the main reason behind the major outbreak.

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In spite of a great deal of time having been passed; since the virus was first detected in Wuhan, there is still no authentic evidence of how the virus started.

The blame game hasn’t ended yet, and the situation all around the world is getting serious day by day. There’s fear in the air. Despair has started taking roots and things are getting out of control.

Its high time the strong nations should come forward to help each other; in this dark and gloomy phase and fight with this novel virus. What’s more important is ‘how do we control?’ than ‘how did it start?’

Wherever it has come from, China has suffered; and is still suffering, America is suffering, many nations are trying to fight it. “HUMAN LIVES” are at risk.

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