Woah! Here’s How You Can Now Read ‘Deleted’ WhatsApp Messages

WhatsApp nowadays is like everyone’s best friend. It has become a popular medium to communicate with the people we love and want to ignore, by not seeing their messages. However, this amazing app can turn your life upside down in seconds when you send a wrong message to someone and delete the whole conversation immediately or, when you get angry at someone and delete the entire conversation and then never be able to get it back. But don’t be sad as there is a solution for getting back all the deleted messages.


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Majority of the users think that the messages deleted can never ever be retrieved, but here’s a reality check for all those that their deleted messages are still there on their device and can easily be accessed. Spanish Android blog ‘Android Jefe’ confirmed that the deleted messages are in the device notification log and can be accessed by adding the recipients even if the sender deletes the message. There is an app named ‘Notification History’ which the users are supposed to download. They can easily find it on Google Play. Once installed, the users would have to search for the messages in the notification log of Android. There is no need for an additional app for accessing the notification log. Now follow these steps:

1. Press the home screen
2. Tap on Widgets
3. Go to Activities
4. Go to Settings
5. Go to Notification log


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Voila, now you can access the notification log of the system. However, it might disappoint you a bit as there are few limitations which will only make the first 100 characters visible to you. Along with that, only the messages that have been interacted with, generated a notification on the device, or have been seen, can be recovered. The device needs to be restarted for the notification log to save the messages. Once it restarts, the log would be empty.

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Source:  androidjefe.com

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