How checking your Facebook “Others Inbox” Can Make Your Day!

Yes, it might not be something we check all the time but when we do it is an amazing treat and sometimes it’s just extremely frightening and creepy. Whatever the case may be checking your facebook message requests is definitely a  change of pace from your everyday routine.

1. Who hasn’t always wanted a foot slave

Seems a bit eccentric but who can resist a seemingly harmless foot slave

fb creep

2. The Guy Who Forgets How To English…

I wAnt tO KnOw Will You FrandShip WiTh MeEe

parhlo fb creep

3. The Guy Who Is A Little too Open With his Creepiness

parhlo fb

4. The Sadiyon Poorana Aashiq

Saat saal ka pyar kesay jhutlao ge tum Simran

like this bitch…


5. Canadian Pakistanis Have The Best Pickup Lines

Yar Itna Makhan Toh Handi Mai Bhi Nahi Hota 

parhlo creep

Meanwhile you are like…


6. Oh Wow you can copy paste from Google “MY HERO”

parhlo fb12

7. The Guy who Has Gotten Rainbow high for you…

 fb cree parhlo2

Spongebob Is That You… 


8. And Of course, the alpha male who believes it’s his right that you talk to him!

birch parhlo

And that is why you should definitely check your filtered messages. Go check it out now and comment about the weirdest messages you have received.



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