10 Ways How “Burgers” React To Summers In Pakistan!

Unlike normal Pakistanis, summers effect “burgers” in the worst way. It is almost as if their world crashes down on top of them after the temperature hits 35 Degrees! Not that the summer doesn’t affect everyone but it has the worst impact on the ‘Burger awaam’!

1. They Are Unable To Keep Their Hair Spiked And Looking Fresh!

burgers in heat

2. They Can’t Wear Their Fancy Long Sleeves T-shirts or Cool Hoodies!

sumer burger parhlo

3. If it gets too hot they might even shave their heads

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4. They Can’t Wear their Favorite Color “Black”!!!

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5. When It’s Too Damn Hot To Take A Selfie

giphy (1)

6. When They Can’t Use Their  iPhone Because Of The Sun Glare!

Parhlo summer

7. When It’s Too Hot To Give Your Bro A “Bro Hug”

summer parhlo 12

8. Going Out Has To Be Minimized To Prevent Sweating


9. Their New Favorite Hangout Will Become “Hot Spot”

‘Cuz It’s Way Too Hot To Eat Anything’ so we will just lick 600 rupee icecream!


10. Finally, Everything Must Be Airconditioned

“Dad Can You Get The Kitchen, Bathroom, Garden, Storeroom and Closets Airconditioned??”  

Man sitting in restaurant, cooling mouth on air condition vent

Get ready to run away from the heat “Burgers”! we wish you luck and hope you can make it through this terrible summer season!  

giphy (2)

But in all seriousness, the temperature is all set to rise again to an unbearable degree. So, think of this as a public service message Pakistan, take care of yourself, keep hydrated and don’t go out in extreme temperatures!

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