How Abrar-Ul-Haq’s New Song Portrays His Sexist Mindset & Saba Qamar’s Hypocrisy

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The renowned singer Abrar-ul-Haq, who previously quipped about mothers making kids listen to ‘Baby Shark’, came up with an adult version of song called ‘Begum Shak Karti Hai’ featuring Saba Qamar, and we have a lot to say about it.

Haq joined the PTI after having been a popular singer-songwriter in the 90s. He made his controversial statement regarding the ‘Baby Shark’ song at a PTI-sponsored convention in Islamabad on August 26.

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The singer had given smug references to his own upbringing as he entertained an amused audience with Baby Shark in his voice. “When we used to be young, we got to listen to the Kalma being recited by our mothers,” he had stated. “Today’s kids are handed cellphones so that mothers can play them ‘Baby Shark’.”

With the most-watched video in YouTube history, Baby Shark, having more than nine billion views, perhaps Haq made those comments realizing how he could use the song for his own advantage.

The iconic “doo-doo-doo-du-du-du-du” hook from Baby Shark has found its way into Haq’s latest release, Begum Shak Karti Hai. The song is a sneak peek into the life of an overly-suspicious wife, played by Saba Qamar, from the eyes of Haq.

How it goes:

Video of the Abrar-ul-Haq song shows Saba Qamar snatching her husband’s phone to check his messages and call logs, and spying on him with a drone. To top it off, Qamar not only hires a bodyguard to keep tabs on him but also gives him electric shocks.

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Why, you ask? Just because of some mere ‘misunderstanding’. Towards the end of the song, Qamar’s husband surprises her with a grand decoration while she apologizes for having suspected him.

Taking to Twitter, the singer shared the video. “Dedicated to all those who are too much married… Yaani [meaning] “Run Mureed” [uxorious],” read the tweet. Neither the song nor the tweet sat right with the Twittersphere, and for the right reasons, to say the least.

Twittersphere calls spade a spade

From criticizing the nursery rhyme to ripping off its tune to create sexist and problematic content, the singer raised a lot of eyebrows. While we call out Haq for his misogynistic mindset, it is also inevitable to question why a woke actress like Saba Qamar signed up for such a project.

It only reeks of hypocrisy when someone who has previously addressed the issues surrounding misogyny and societal hypocrisy against women takes part in a project that advocates it. Having her own YouTube channel, Qamar has often talked about many unaddressed and serious issues of our society. But does she really stand firm in what she at least pretends to advocate?

Of course, there is nothing wrong with displaying toxic masculinity but intimate scenes as trivial as hugging ruffles the feathers of public.

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