How A Typical Pakistani Spends The New Year's!

How A Typical Pakistani Spends The New Year’s!

There’s not much a Pakistani can do on New Year’s. Typical activities include, well, nothing, nothing and nothing. Here’s how:

1. Half the Pakistan leaves for Dubai and you just feel left out. (25)


2. At first, you’ll make elaborate plans about going to places and doing some exciting things;

This is what it looks like in your head;

giphy (1)


3. But then the authorities crash your dreams by sealing roads.



4. So then you receive an invitation for a party nearby, and you’re like;





5. And your parents go like, “But be back by 11”;



6. The best argument they find is, “Beta hamara New Year’s to hogaya. Yeh to angrezon ka hai”.

amm abba


7. So then you just sit in front of the TV, and watch the firework shows going on in Sydney and Dubai;

But then this happens;



So how does a typical Pakistani spend the new year’s eve?

He sleeps.



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