How A Pakistani Sees India That They Have Never Visited!!

Its quite natural to make perceptions and opinions of your own about something specially when its your neighbors. Although many of us has never visited India ourselves yet we all have these common perceptions of the land with spices, temples and more.

1. The Rape Capital Of The World



We heard or read some of the very brutal cases regarding sexual assault. How Kareena Kapoor promoted the women safety app “WithU” gives a mental image of a not so safe place for people.

2. They Have Amazing Street Food


India is known for its mouth watering and easily available foods its variety reflecting the diversity of cultures in the country.

3. Filthy



4. They Are Bollywood Maniacs


Just about every other Indian is Bollywood obsessed and really fascinated with the cinema.

5. People Wash Their Houses With Cow’s Urine


For many on this side of the border that’s a very… different practice.

6. Their Beautiful Sarees


7. Has Made Tremendous Amount Of Progress


India’s IT revolution has made them a huge success globally.

8. The Golden Temple

Amritsar, Golden Temple

Regardless of what ethnic background you come from, I think everyone would want to visit the Sikh Gurdwara located in the city of Amritsar, Punjab, India.

9. Goa


Goa, a tourist heaven with its beautiful beaches and exotic locations is a must to have on our list.

10. Hill Stations


Some more of their breath taking locations are another reason as to why only negative perceptions about India are not justified at all!

 11. Indian Women Are Very “Homely” And Slightly Over Dressed


 Every country has its own culture which makes them unique.

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